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An image manipulation script for Wordpress
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An image manipulation script for Wordpress.

Handles downscaling, upscaling, cropping, and also creating retina images.


$image  = Ari_Image::create( $image_url_or_id );
$resize = $image->resize( array( 'width' => 500, 'height' => 300 ) );

$new_url = $resize['url'];

Arguments for the resize method:

  'width'     => '',
  'height'    => '',
  'crop'      => true,
  'retina'    => true,
  'resize'    => true,
  • If you only define width or height the image will be resized using the original ratio. The missing value will be autocalculated.
  • If you define both width & height then the image will be resized & cropped to the defined dimensions unless crop is set to false.
  • If retina is set to true (default) then an extra file will be created using the @2x suffix.
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