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Bootstrap Admin

Donate link: License: GPLv2 License URI:

A clean, minimalistic administration theme inspired from Twitter's Bootstrap ( )


A clean, minimalistic administration theme implementing Twitter's Bootstrap. You can get it on github here:

This project was built for the network of stores. This plugin will continue to be improved.

So far these things have been done:

  • General styling of the wordpress admin area
  • Admin menu sub-menus as bootstrap popovers (they're actually very beautiful!)
  • Bootstrap Icons for a lot of things
  • Default WordPress forms theming
  • Buttons theming
  • Postboxes theming
  • Includes WPMUdev Pro-Sites optimizations
  • Includes WPMUdev MarketPress optimizations
  • Even more, and a lot more on the way!

If you like it and use it on your projects, please consider donating @


Just copy to your plugins folder and activate (or Network activate) it.

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