My Launchbar Scripts
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Mail Page.applescript
Mount Media.applescript
Share Dropbox.applescript
Show IP External Address.applescript
Toggle Audio Output.applescript
Toggle Bluetooth.applescript
Toggle Function Keys.applescript

My Launchbar Scripts


  • imgur - Upload given image(s) to and returns the direct link. If no image is provided, it enters screenshot mode.
  • Pastebin - Paste given text into Also supports text files.
  • Mail Page - Creates a new email in with the active Chrome page title in the subject and url in the body. The focus is left in the address field for the email to be typed with autocompletion.
  • Share Dropbox - Pass it a file or a folder and get a dropbox public url. If you don't pass anything it will share a screenshot instead. You can specify the name of the screenshot by pressing space instead of return.
  • Timer - Enter a time interval followed by an optional message i.e. "15m6s pizza" and receive an alert after the time has passed.
  • Short - Shorten a url with
  • Show IP External Address - Find out the ip address you are using on the internet.
  • Toggle Function Keys - Toggles the function keys between F1,F2,F3... and Brightness,Media,Volume...
  • Toggle Audio Output - Used to Toggle between default audio output and bluetooth wireless connected to my hi-fi.


  • Haste - Paste text into (I don't use this anyome because the site requires javascript and many noscript users complain)
  • Chat - Enter the name of a contact and a chat window will open in Adium
  • Short - Shorten a url with url shortener.
  • Color Picker - Instead just save an applescript containing choose color as Color With Hex Color Picker it becomes a better alternative to DigitalColor Now I just use the standard DigitalColor and use ⌘C to copy the color value as text.
  • Mount Media - used to mount a specific firewire drive.


Copy the scripts to ~/Library/Application Support/Launchbar/Actions and they will be available as actions in launchbar as soon as they get indexed.

You need to edit the dropbox id inside the script Share Dropbox.applescript for it to work. You can find the id by looking at the url of one of yout public files i.e. ""