Aristotle Dataset Extensions adds additional content types to the Aristotle MetaData Registry for the management of datasets.
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Aristotle Dataset Extensions

The Aristotle Dataset Extensions (Aristotle-DSE) is a DCAT-compatible extension to the Aristotle Metadata Registry to provide metadata-aware data registry services.

Aristotle-DSE implements the W3C DCAT standard for describing dataset resources on the web and provides 2 additional objects with references described below


(Subclass of ISO 11179 concept)

A standardised collection of 11179 Data Elements commonly used together to describe a resuable dataset. A DataSetSpecification may be referenced by a dcat:Distribution to describe the data within the file or resource described by the Distribution.


By assocation``dcat:Distribution`` does not implement a standardised DataSetSpecification, it may optionally refer to 0 or more DistributionDataElement objects which describe

Where a dcat:Distribution has an association to DataSetSpecification and number of DistributionDataElement objects, the details of the DistributionDataElement should be used for validation and quality purposes.

For reference the full DCAT data model is presented below:

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