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Adding new bulk actions

Often for user convenience it is useful to perfom the same action across a number of similar metadata items. Aristotle-MDR provides a bulk action API that allows developers to create new discoverable action types that are shown to users in certain item lists, such as search results or workgroup item listings.

Registering a bulk action

The BULK_ACTIONS :doc:`setting <../extensions/bulk_actions>` in the in the ARISTOTLE_SETTINGS dictionary stores the register of bulk actions used for generating lists of actions. Adding the qualified path to the form is sufficient to register a new bulk action. For example this set in ARISTOTLE_SETTINGS would register an action int Python module module.forms.MyBulkAction:


Writing a functional bulk action

A bulk action form is just a specialised Django form for acting on multiple Aristotle-MDR concepts, with a few small additions that come from inheriting from aristotle_mdr.forms.bulk_actions.BulkActionForm.

After inheriting to make a form function some properties should exist.

  • action_text - This is the name for an action shown in lists to users. Default is based on the class name.
  • classes - A string of HTML classes that will be applied to each item. Default empty. Currently these are used for inserting 'Font Awesome' icons for each action.
  • confirm_page - An optional template name used to render between a user clicking the action and completing it. By adding extra fields to a form, with this template a bulk action can get additional inforamtion from a user before continuing. No default, if this is empty no confirmation is requested.
  • items_label - An optional override of the label for the list of items the action form acts on. Defaults to "Select some items"

There are two additional methods that complete the class:

  • can_use - A classmethod that provides a boolean response indicating if a certain user has permission to use this action in any context - note this permission does not have knowledge of the items selected. Default is true, so if this is not overriden all users will see the action in their list.
  • make_changes - Performs that actual action of the form, this is called once the user invokes a bulk action (after confirmation is required). No default, not including a make_changes method will cause your action to fail. Any text returned from this method will be shown to a user via the django messages framework.

An example bulk action form

Below is an example bulk action that is only visible for staff users, and deletes the items requested by a user.:

.. literalinclude:: /../python/aristotle-metadata-registry/aristotle_mdr/tests/apps/bulk_actions_test/
    :caption: mymodule.forms.StaffDeleteActionForm
    :end-before: # Incomplete test bulk actions

.. literalinclude:: /../python/aristotle-metadata-registry/aristotle_mdr/tests/apps/bulk_actions_test/templates/confirm_delete.html
    :caption: confirm_delete.html
    :language: html

This will produce a button wherever other bulk actions are available, similar to the 'Delete' button available on the right in the image below.

A list of items with bulk actions available.