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Using Aristotle permissions in custom code

One of the key features in Aristotle is specific access control to items based on a rich matrix of user groups. To make creating extension easier these are exposed through the code in a number of easy to use ways.

Permissions in

.. automodule:: aristotle_mdr.perms
   :members: user_can_change_status, user_can_edit, user_can_view

Permissions-based ConceptManager

All correctly derived concept items should have their default manager set to the aristotle.models.ConceptManager. For more information on how this works see the full documentation on the :doc:`ConceptManager and ConceptQuerySet <new_metadata_types/using_concept_manager>`.

.. autoclass:: aristotle_mdr.models.ConceptManager

Permissions template tags

.. automodule:: aristotle_mdr.templatetags.aristotle_tags
   :members: can_edit, can_view, can_view_iter

There are more :doc:`template tags available in Aristotle <templatetags>`