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Aristotle Metadata Registry Mission Statement

The core principle behind the design of the Aristotle Metadata Registry is to build a framework for building ISO/IEC 11179 compliant Metadata Registries, using 100% Free Open Source Software, and released to the public as Free Open Source Software.

By designing Aristotle-MDR in an extensible way, the core data model of Aristotle aims to be as close to the model of ISO/IEC 11179-3, without burdening the framework with unnecessary code.

Aristotle-MDR is designed to provide the framework for a metadata registry, and is explicitly not designed to be a standard web content management system, and a core assumption in the design of Aristotle is that the management of 'non-metadata' content is a matter for each party installing Aristotle-MDR to handle independent of the registry.

There are some simple url hooks available in Aristotle for including extra pages using the django template system, alternatively Django Packages has a list of a number of excellent CMS packages for Django. Many of these should be able slot in besides the Aristotle-MDR app in a custom site, without having to alter the code or compromise the core principles of Aristotle.