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Updated version 1.4.0 of the Aristotle Metadata Registry

Note: This introduces a breaking change in the data model, you may need to migrate extensions separately to Aristotle to ensure a smooth upgrade. See wiki for more details.

Documentation at: http://aristotle-metadata-registry.readthedocs.org/
Open registry available at: http://registry.aristotlemetadata.com


  • Code now supports django-channels to allow for asynchronous notifications. This will speed up saving of metadata/notification of changes.
  • New notifications for registrar and editors #305 , #255 , #306
  • Support for 11179 Organizations #386
  • Improvements to registration authority pages #484 #509 (thanks @drgarcia1986 & @ryanwake)
  • Browse pages can be customised, and support filtering #492
  • Updates to dependencies to improve stability
  • Add support for multiple identifiers per item - this separates identification from the database, and will make serialization, import/export and federation across open-sources metadata registries easier in the future.
  • Full support for ElasticSearch and PostGres! (No MySQL yet)


  • Users can now see their own metadata in search, fixed #473
  • Published metadata no longer shows in the sandbox #500, (thanks @ewenchou)
  • Improved speed of data element wizard #498

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