Get a shirt program

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It is a truth universally acknowledged, that an open-source programmer of good ability must be in want of a free shirt - @Jane_Aust1n

From time to time some critical, useful or downright tedious bugs will be tagged shirt. By filing a pull request that closes a shirt bug, you get a limited edition Aristotle-MDR shirt. Its that easy.

To save making bugs for translations, if you provide a relatively complete and up to date translation for a language not yet translated, you can also get a shirt. It will probably look a bit like this:

A shirt!

Get-a-shirt hall of fame!

  • @legostormtroopr - 06/2015 - Main developer, also went and bought shirts
  • @borsna - 06/2015 - Lodging lots of bugs for PR#197, Swedish translations for PR#124, PR#147
  • @jfihn - 06/2015 - Lodging lots of bugs for PR#197, Swedish translations for PR#124, PR#147
  • @dylan-kerr - 07/2015 - Closed bug #148 in PR#217 that corrected terms in the models to match ISO 11179 specifications
  • @thsutton - 01/2016 - Closed bug #149 in PR#273 to incorporate PEP8 testing in (and then kept going!)
  • @ewenchou - 010/2016 - Closed ug #500 in PR#501 to improve how users see unpublished items! - Thanks #hacktoberfest!

Small print

  • Type, colour and quality of shirt not yet determined, but it will be free (and probably a nice light blue).
  • Limit 1 shirt per person. If you make a separate github account to try and fool me, I'll be annoyed, but you'll have probably closed two hard bugs so I'll forgive you pretty quickly.
  • No second prizes - if you are working on an issue, and someone beats you to the punch, you miss out.
  • No partial credit - you can make a pull request at any stage, but the shirt is claimed when the issue is closed.
  • First do no harm - PRs must pass the test suite, and coverage must not drop. If an issue incorporates a new feature, new tests need to be written.