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A quick script to generate "paper Bitcoins" which contain one-time-use
keypairs and Bitcoin payment addresses.

See also: 17 July 2012
BSD license: Share and enjoy, but give credit where it's due.


This requires an astonishing collection of software in order to function.

* Python, probably 2.7 or so.
* The python-ecdsa library for crypto and light jazz music.
* python-qrcode is needed to generate... QR codes.
* python-qrcode requires PIL.
* PIL requires Freetype2.
* Freetype2 may, or may not, require the entire friggen X window system.
* X will require autoconf. But not the version you have already.
* You may get something like "_imagingft not found"
* Soon after, your exit will be blocked by a Spectral Wolf.
* The Spectral Wolf fears only fire. But if you master him, he will guide you.


  $ ./ AMOUNT

Where AMOUNT is a decimal number like "0.1". The default is "0.001". This will
create a new keypair and bitcoin address, and generate the front and back images
for printing complete with QR codes and text. The filename will be in the form
"1SamPLE-0.01-front.png", where "1SamPLE" is the newly-minted Bitcoin address.

Remember to actually send the Bitcoin to that address!

If all you want is some hot crypto action, call generate_keypair by itself:

  $ ./
  secret:  7ef1a91551ce97801dce0966dc20460d80ace30deba1f9101d5dc6d5e54de734
  pubkey:  043d6026722ffaa4803...d68b56e6b92782f90f0b94797b2e2ec0a95f6472dc
  address: 00878fbde5e26f9290060e7dbcc291efa6259f8334dba713a9
  addr_58: 1DMnRFbi8J1Qkykmh9pGJbXLcnWSEnznfa


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