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  • [android][advertising] Device name is now a settable property - false by default
  • [android][advertising] IsConnectable is now a settable property - true by default
  • [fix][android][server] Notification descriptor will now write back if a response is needed for notification subscriptions


  • [fix][ios] CBPeripheralManager restoration is now enabled by default and requires no user setting
  • [fix][ios] WriteWithoutResponse shouldn't be swapping to write
  • [fix][android] Characteristic equality safety checks
  • [fix][uwp] upon disconnect, the device is removed from the adapter queue


  • [feature][ios] Get connected devices supports service UUID filter which allows iOS to retrieve connected device list outside of application
  • [fix][macos] Fix valuetuple issue that was preventing compile
  • [breaking] BlobWrite has been moved to extension method in preparation for updates in 6.3


  • [fix][android] Fix threading issue on android characteristics
  • [fix][ios] Advertiser NRE


  • [fix][android] DiscoverServices issues a refresh call to internal methods
  • [fix][ios] DiscoverServices now completes and bubbles through errors properly
  • [fix][ios] Creating a GATT server now waits
  • [fix][uwp] Device caching is now cleared when device connection is cancelled
  • [fix][uwp] StopScan implemented
  • [feature] Android settings now exist in .netstandard level to allow for centralized config
  • [feature] WhenReadyStartServer is now available to monitor the overall state of the bluetooth adapter before starting a gatt server
  • [breaking] CreateGattServer is now a completable observable so that iOS can properly detect state of adapter before starting
  • [breaking] Min dependency on RX v4 now


  • [fix][ios] Adapter.WhenStatusChanged() could return wrong status under certain conditions
  • [fix][android] Fixes & improvements around connection errors
  • [fix] ConnectHook now bubbles through errors properly
  • [fix] Ensure other connection extension methods are respecting connection errors


  • [fix][ios] RSSI not returning
  • Update to newest ACR core to allow for RXv4


  • [fix][uwp] MAC address parsing


  • [breaking] GetKnownDevice, GetPairDevices, & GetConnectedDevices all return observables now
  • [minor] Allow new System.Reactive v4 package
  • [fix] buffer mismatch check in BlobWrite unnecessary now
  • [fix] blobwrite now cleans tail of buffer
  • [fix] device extensions for Write/ReadCharacteristic no longer auto-connect
  • [fix] ConnectHook now reconnects and rehooks characteristic
  • [fix][droid] read rssi now returns properly on all devices
  • [fix][droid] device manager queue cleans up 10x faster
  • [fix][droid] more cancellation fixes to droid queue
  • [fix][droid] advertising startup checks fixed for android v4.x
  • [feature] Return of Adapter.ScanInterval
  • [feature][droid] Scan batching


  • [fix] reconnect read/write race condition
  • [feature] Return of device based RSSI requests (Device.ReadRssi() & Device.ReadRssiContinuously())
  • [feature][droid] batch scanning - courtesy of goiditdev


  • [fix] ConnectWait should cancel the connection if subscription is disposed before connection is successful
  • [fix] ConnectWait listens to connection failures for cancellation
  • [fix] Additional NRE fixes on cancelling connection
  • [fix][droid] Characteristic should not throw error, should call OnError
  • [fix][droid] WhenKnownCharacteristicDiscovered was not firing properly


  • [fix] RegisterAndNotify cleanup would fail if disposed after connection has been severed


  • [feature][breaking] GATT server & BLE advertising are now separate functions
  • [feature] ScanConfig is now available on all Adapter extension methods
  • [feature] WhenKnownCharacteristicsDiscovered is a handy way of always calling for known characteristics as device connects
  • [feature] ConnectHook is a new extension that manages everything from the connection/reconnect/disconnect to the characteristic notification
  • [feature] Device.WriteCharacteristic and Device.ReadCharacteristic are new extensions making it easy to read/write to characteristics without a reference to one
  • [feature] StopScan for cancelling background scans where the observable may have been lost
  • [feature] WriteWithoutResponse is now async (Android - so it can participate in queue & iOS since it provides a ready event)
  • [breaking] GATT server now starts as soon as it is created (removal of start/stop functions)
  • [breaking][feature] All read/write/notification actions now contain a result object (good or bad) instead of calling OnError - why? because no one knows how to use RX so I'll do the fun stuff for them!
  • [breaking] Write no longer fallsback to "WriteWithoutResponse"
  • [breaking] Connect is no longer observable - it is designed to be async for when device comes into range
  • [breaking] Many methods (Device rssi, Adapter Scan events) have been removed to simplify API as well as remove potential issues due to their use
  • [fix][android] fixes to locking mechanism as well as ability to disable it via CrossBleAdapter.AndroidDisableLockMechanism


  • [fix][android] GetKnownCharacteristic now sync locks to prevent android race condition
  • [feature][android] configurable parameter to allow "breather" time between operations to prevent GATT issues


  • [feature][android] Advertisement service UUID filtering for Pre-Lollipop
  • [fix][android] Fix issue with stopping scan when bluetooth adapter becomes disabled
  • [fix][android] Fix NRE with reconnection WhenServiceDiscovered
  • [fix][android] More improvements to race conditions
  • [BREAKING] Adapter.ScanListen has been removed


  • [feature] push .NET standard 2.0
  • [feature] push to android 8 (forced nuget compile target - Android 4.3+ is still supported)
  • [fix][android] fix race conditions around semaphore cleanup


  • [fix][android] more connection fixes to alleviate GATT 133
  • [fix][android] advertisement service UUIDs not parsing properly


  • [fix][android] rewritten connect/disconnect logic
  • [fix][android][ios] rewritten reconnection logic
  • [fix][android] kill more gatt133 errors by forcing synchronized communication (hidden to consumer)
  • [feature][android] Ability to use Android AutoConnect option on connect
  • [feature] scan for multiple UUIDs


  • [breaking][feature] SetNotificationValue has been replaced with EnableNotifications/DisableNotifications.
  • [fix][ios] NRE when read/notification value is null
  • [fix][android] service UUIDs in advertisement not being parsed correctly
  • [fix][android] cleanup internal thread delegation
  • [fix][uwp] don't marshall to main thread for most calls
  • [fix][uwp] mac address length


  • [fix][ios] NRE race condition in GetKnownCharacteristic


  • [feature] .net standard support
  • [feature][breaking] characteristics must now have their notifications enabled/disabled using characteristic.SetNotificationValue(..);
  • [uwp] Connection status and general connection keep-alive improvements


  • [feature] UWP client beta (server support has not been tested)
  • [feature] Adapter scanner now has an empty implementation for platforms where it is not supported


  • [feature] GATT Server is now built into this library
  • [feature] Manufacturer data can be advertised on Windows and Android
  • [feature] ability to scan for multiple bluetooth adapters
  • [feature] expose service data as part of advertisement data
  • [feature] expose native device from IDevice as object
  • [feature] New methods - Device.GetKnownService, Service.GetKnownCharacteristics(uuids), and Device.GetKnownCharacteristics(serviceUuid, characteristicUuids)
  • [fix][android] GetKnownDevice
  • [fix][android] bad UUID parsing in ad data for service UUIDs
  • [fix][android] multiple notification subscriptions
  • [fix][ios] reconnection issues


  • [fix][android][ios] improved equality checks to help with android events


  • [fix][android] more gatt133 fixes
  • [fix][android] additional fixes for cancel connection
  • [fix][android] Connect completion wasn't being called properly


  • [fix][android] finalization was causing NRE


  • [feature] macOS support!
  • [feature][all] Connection configuration allows you to set connection priority, notification states on iOS/tvOS/macOS, and whether or not to make the connection persistent
  • [feature][macos/tvos/ios] Background mode via CBCentralInitOptions - On the platform project use BleAdapter.Init(BleAdapterConfiguration)
  • [feature][ios] Background - Adapter.WhenDeviceStateRestored() will allow to hook for background state restoration (must be used in conjunction with BleAdapter.Init)
  • [feature][uwp][droid] Reliable write transaction via Device.BeginReliableWriteTransaction() and GattReliableWriteTransaction
  • [feature][uwp][droid] WriteBlob now uses reliable write transactions
  • [feature] Device.GetService(Guid[]) and Service.GetCharacteristic(Guid[]) optimized calls
  • [feature] Adapter.GetKnownDevice(Guid) - explanation in the signature :)
  • [feature] Adapter.GetPairedDevices() - pretty self explanatory
  • [breaking][feature] RequestMtu now returns as an observable with what the accepted MTU was
  • [breaking] CreateConnection is gone - created more issues than it solved - Use Connect() as it creates persistent connections out of the gate
  • [breaking] Disconnect has been renamed to CancelConnection as it cancels any pending connections now
  • [breaking] BleAdapter has been renamed to CrossBleAdapter
  • [breaking] Acr.Ble namespace has been renamed to Plugin.BluetoothLE
  • [fix][droid] disconnect on existing connection tries
  • [fix][droid] more gatt 133 issues
  • [fix][all] Blob write observable subscriptions not firing properly
  • [fix][all] NotifyEncryptionRequired, Indicate, and IndicateEncryptionRequired return true for CanNotify


  • [fix][droid] descriptors and characteristic read/writes now adhere to AndroidConfig.WriteOnMainThread
  • [fix][ios] WhenStatusChanged was causing OnError when a connection failure occurred
  • [fix][core] BlobWrite will now use proper MTU
  • [breaking][feature][core] Background scan has been replaced. The normal scan now takes a configuration.
  • [feature][core] Get current MTU size
  • [feature][droid] monitor MTU changes


  • [feature] ability to open bluetooth settings configuration
  • [feature] ability to request MTU is now part of device (still only available on droid - but allows for greater flexibility)
  • [feature][droid] ability to pair with a device
  • [feature][droid] ability to toggle bluetooth adapter status


  • [BREAKING] Characteristic/Descriptor Read, Write, and Notification events now return CharacteristicResult that includes the sender characteristic as well as the data
  • [fix][droid] Write was not broadcasting completion at the right time


[fix] proper completion of ReadUntil


  • [feature] IGattCharacteristic.ReadUntil(endBytes) extension method will read in a loop until end bytes detected
  • [feature][droid] AndroidConfig.MaxTransmissionUnitSize (MTU) can now be set to negotiate MTU upon connections


  • [fix][droid] write on main thread (can use AndroidConfig.WriteOnMainThread = false, to disable)
  • [feature] Blob write
  • [feature] Logging now has deviceconnected/devicedisconnected if you wish to monitor just one of the status'


  • [fix] ability to check for true WriteNoResponse flags
  • [fix][droid] ship proper unsubscribe bytes


  • [fix] logging cleanup
  • [feature][core] add DiscoveredServices, DiscoveredCharacteristics, and DiscoveredDescriptors for easy access
  • [feature][core] add logging abilities from device reference
  • [feature][droid] add improved way to deal with Android connection issues (please read docs under Android Troubleshooting)


  • [fix][core] logging would not hook properly to existing connected devices
  • [fix][droid] deal with gatt error 133 by delaying service discovery post connection
  • [workaround] tvOS was having issues. temporarily pulled from nuget


  • [feature] write without response void method added
  • [feature] proper equals check for all ble objects


  • [fix][all] new adapter scans only clear disconnected devices from cache
  • [feature] Adapter.GetConnectedDevices


  • [fix][droid] WhenStatusChanged firing on subscription and replays properly
  • [fix][droid] properly parsing 16 and 32bit UUIDs in advertisement packet


*[breaking] WhenActionOccurs renamed to CreateLogger *[fix] ensure WhenScanStatusChanged() broadcasts its current state on registration *Logging now returns actual packet received where applicable


  • adding tvOS libraries to package (NOT TESTED)
  • [fix] createconnection properly persists connection now
  • [fix] more logging and discovery issues
  • [fix][droid] device.readrssi was not working
  • [droid] device.whenstatuschanged will now broadcast Connecting/Disconnecting
  • [droid] advertisement packet now gets all service UUIDs parsed


  • [fix] Error notifications on read/writes
  • [fix] Make sure to replay last status for connectable observables
  • [fix] Service discovery on iOS and Android was not registering subsequent subscriptions properly
  • [fix][droid] Read/Write callbacks now passing values back properly
  • [breaking] PersistentConnection is now CreateConnection with improvements to status reporting


  • Vastly improved logging
  • Improvements to observable allocations
  • Improvements in service discovery


  • [breaking] Change extension method names


  • [breaking] Characteristic method WhenNotificationOccurs() is now called WhenNotificationReceived(). It also no longer subscribes to notifications. Use new method SubscribeToNotifications(). WhenNotificationReceived() is for logging purposes


  • Add heartrate plugin (extension method)
  • Add super logging plugin (extension method)
  • Characteristics and Descriptors now have WhenRead/WhenWritten events to monitor calls externally


  • ScanListen for working with scan results from a background or decoupled component


  • BackgroundScan added and ScanFilter removed
  • Multiple entry points can now hook up to scan, but only one will run (connectable refcount observable)


  • Initial Public Release
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