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Background Jobs Framework for Xamarin & UWP
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ACR Background Jobs Plugin for Xamarin & Windows

Change Log - March 5, 2019


Library NuGet
Plugin.Jobs NuGet
Plugin.Jobs.DryIoc NuGet
Plugin.Jobs.Autofac NuGet


Branch Status
Master Build status
Dev Build status


Platform Version
Android 5.0+
iOS 8+
Windows UWP 16299+
Any Other Platform Must Support .NET Standard 2.0

iOS, Android, & UWP implementations use Xamarin Essentials


  • Cross Platform Background Jobs Framework
  • Run adhoc jobs in the background (mainly for use on iOS)
  • Define jobs with runtime parameters to run at regular intervals
  • Internal logging to let you know how often jobs are running, if they complete successfully or error
  • Place criteria as to when jobs can run responsibly
    • device is charging
    • battery is not low
    • Internet connectivity via Mobile
    • Internet connectivity via WiFi



Install From NuGet

Follow the Setup Guids


Creating a One-Time Adhoc Job

// To issue an adhoc task that can continue to run in the background 
CrossJobs.Current.RunTask(async () => 
    // your code

Scheduling a background job

// first define your job
public class YourJob : IJob
    public async Task Run(JobInfo jobInfo, CancellationToken cancelToken)
        var loops = jobInfo.GetValue("LoopCount", 25);

        for (var i = 0; i < loops; i++)
            if (cancelToken.IsCancellationRequested)

            await Task.Delay(1000, cancelToken).ConfigureAwait(false);
var job = new JobInfo
    Name = "YourJobName",
    Type = typeof(YourJob),

    // these are criteria that must be met in order for your job to run
    BatteryNotLow = this.BatteryNotLow,
    DeviceCharging = this.DeviceCharging
    NetworkType = NetworkType.Any,
    Repeat = true; //defaults to true, set to false to run once OR set it inside a job to cancel further execution

// you can pass variables to your job
job.SetValue("LoopCount", 10);

// lastly, schedule it to go - don't worry about scheduling something more than once, we just update if your job name matches an existing one

Cancelling Jobs

// Cancelling A Job

// Cancelling All Jobs

Running Jobs On-Demand

// Run All Jobs On-Demand
var results = await CrossJobs.Current.RunAll();

// Run A Specific Job On-Demand
var result = await CrossJobs.Current.Run("YourJobName");
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