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@@ -17,7 +17,15 @@ FastLZ is used by many software products, from a number of games (such as [Death

For other implementations of byte-aligned LZ77, take a look at [LZ4](, [Snappy](, [Density](, [LZO](, [LZF](, [LZJB](, [LZRW](, etc.

## Implementation
## Usage

FastLZ can be used directly in any C/C++ applications. For other programming languages/environments, use the corresponding binding:

* [Rust](, available on Crates: `cargo install fastlz`
* [Python](, available on PyPi: `pip install fastlz`
* [JavaScript](, available on npm: `npm install fastlz`
* [Ruby](, available on Rubygems: `gem install fastlz`
* Lua via [](

FastLZ consists of only two files: `fastlz.h` and `fastlz.c`. Just add these files to your project in order to use FastLZ. For the detailed information on the API to perform compression and decompression, see `fastlz.h`.

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