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@@ -32,7 +32,7 @@ Esprima serves as the basis for many popular JavaScript development tools:
- ES6/Harmony transpiler: [Six](, [Harmonizr](
- Eclipse Orion smart editing ([outline view](, [content assist](
- Source code modification: [Esmorph](, [Code Painter](,
-- Source transformation: [node-falafel](,
+- Source transformation: [node-falafel](, [Rocambole](,
[Esmangle](, [escodegen](, [redeyed](
### Questions?
@@ -53,7 +53,8 @@ <h3>Applications</h3>
<li>Language extension: <a href="">LLJS</a> (low-level JS), <a href="">Sweet.js</a> (macro)</li>
<li>ES6/Harmony transpiler: <a href="">Six</a>, <a href="">Harmonizr</a></li>
<li>Eclipse Orion smart editing (<a href="">outline view</a>, <a href="">content assist</a>)</li>
-<li>Source transformation: <a href="">node-falafel</a>, <a href="">Esmangle</a>, <a href="">escodegen</a></li>
+<li>Source transformation: <a href="">node-falafel</a>, <a href="">Rocambole</a>,
+<a href="">Esmangle</a>, <a href="">escodegen</a></li>
<p>Feedback is welcomed! Please join the discussion in the <a href="">mailing list</a>.</p>

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