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Continuous Integration for C90 (ANSI C)

GitHub license

This demonstrates the use of Github Actions to run CI for a different number of combinations of system architectures, operating systems, and C compilers.

Supported Systems

For more details, check the corresponding GitHub Actions build logs.

amd64 Linux Windows macOS
GCC amd64_linux_gcc amd64_windows_gcc amd64_macos_gcc
Clang amd64_linux_clang amd64_windows_clang amd64_macos_clang
Intel CC amd64_linux_icc
TinyCC amd64_linux_tcc amd64_windows_tcc
VS 2017 amd64_windows_vs2017
VS 2019 amd64_windows_vs2019
i686 Linux Windows macOS
GCC i686_linux_gcc i686_windows_gcc
Clang i686_linux_clang i686_windows_clang
TinyCC i686_linux_tcc i686_windows_tcc
VS 2017 i686_windows_vs2017
VS 2019 i686_windows_vs2019
Digital Mars i686_windows_dm
arm64 Linux Windows macOS
GCC arm64_linux_gcc
armhf Linux Windows macOS
GCC armhf_linux_gcc
mips Linux Windows macOS
GCC mips_linux_gcc
mips64 Linux Windows macOS
GCC mips64_linux_gcc