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system = require 'system'
# Wait until the test condition is true or a timeout occurs. Useful for waiting
# on a server response or for a ui change (fadeIn, etc.) to occur.
# @param testFx javascript condition that evaluates to a boolean,
# it can be passed in as a string (e.g.: "1 == 1" or "$('#bar').is(':visible')" or
# as a callback function.
# @param onReady what to do when testFx condition is fulfilled,
# it can be passed in as a string (e.g.: "1 == 1" or "$('#bar').is(':visible')" or
# as a callback function.
# @param timeOutMillis the max amount of time to wait. If not specified, 3 sec is used.
waitFor = (testFx, onReady, timeOutMillis=3000) ->
start = new Date().getTime()
condition = false
f = ->
if (new Date().getTime() - start < timeOutMillis) and not condition
# If not time-out yet and condition not yet fulfilled
condition = (if typeof testFx is 'string' then eval testFx else testFx()) #< defensive code
if not condition
# If condition still not fulfilled (timeout but condition is 'false')
console.log "'waitFor()' timeout"
phantom.exit 1
# Condition fulfilled (timeout and/or condition is 'true')
console.log "'waitFor()' finished in #{new Date().getTime() - start}ms."
if typeof onReady is 'string' then eval onReady else onReady() #< Do what it's supposed to do once the condition is fulfilled
clearInterval interval #< Stop this interval
interval = setInterval f, 100 #< repeat check every 100ms
if system.args.length isnt 2
console.log 'Usage: URL'
phantom.exit 1
page = require('webpage').create()
# Route "console.log()" calls from within the Page context to the main Phantom context (i.e. current "this")
page.onConsoleMessage = (msg) ->
console.log msg system.args[1], (status) ->
if status isnt 'success'
console.log 'Unable to access network'
phantom.exit 1
waitFor ->
page.evaluate ->
el = document.getElementById 'qunit-testresult'
if el and el.innerText.match 'completed'
return true
return false
, ->
failedNum = page.evaluate ->
el = document.getElementById 'qunit-testresult'
console.log el.innerText
return el.getElementsByClassName('failed')[0].innerHTML
catch e
return 10000
phantom.exit if parseInt(failedNum, 10) > 0 then 1 else 0
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