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Linux build: No need for deploy/ anymore.

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commit 0005901db0bd347601f2fc1d4c6d2d0e807d9913 1 parent 41f60d5
@ariya authored
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@@ -102,9 +102,7 @@ <h2 id="linux">Linux</h2>
<p><strong>Note 1</strong>: <code></code> by default will launch parallel compile jobs depending on the available CPU cores, e.g. 4 jobs on a modern hyperthreaded dual-core processor. If necessary, e.g. when building on a virtual machine/server or other limited environment, reduce the jobs by passing a number, e.g <code>./ --jobs 1</code> to set only one compile job at a time.</p>
- <p><strong>Note 2</strong>: After finishing the build, run <code>deploy/</code> which creates PhantomJS binary tarball that can be moved around and/or extracted to a different location. This is the correct way to install the built binary into an arbitrary directory, i.e. do not simply copy the executable as it won't work.</p>
- <p>For creating RPM package (EC2 AMI, CentOS, or RHEL), after building it then run:</p>
+ <p><strong>Note 2</strong>: To create an RPM package (EC2 AMI, CentOS, or RHEL), run the following <em>after</em> a successful build:</p>
cd rpm
./ phantomjs

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