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Add fixes for 1.8.2.

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ariya committed Mar 3, 2013
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@@ -200,6 +200,16 @@ <h1>PhantomJS 1.8 Release Notes</h1>
<li>Mac OS X: Fix possible crash when using some TrueType fonts (issue <a href="">690</a>)
+<p><strong>Fixes in 1.8.2</strong></p>
+ <li>Fixed possible PDF error due to invalid CreationDate field (issue <a href="">663</a>)
+ <li>Fixed crash when uploading non existing files (issue <a href="">941</a>)
+ <li>Fixed possible crash when accessing inline frames (issue <a href="">947</a>)
+ <li>Extended SSL ignore setting to synchronous XHR (issue <a href="">985</a>)
+ <li>Fixed incorrect date handling in the cookies (issue <a href="">1068</a>)
<p><strong>Known Issues on Microsoft Windows</strong></p>

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