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Fix compilation issue on Ubuntu.

Reported [here](402a8d9#commitcomment-2079231).
Conversion from `NULL` to `QVariant()` doesn't work implicitly on Ubuntu.
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detro authored and ariya committed Oct 31, 2012
1 parent f3d9209 commit f2628b32fedf457094ffe3ddbec47915ddfc03d1
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  1. +4 −4 src/webpage.cpp
@@ -1058,13 +1058,13 @@ void WebPage::sendEvent(const QString &type, const QVariant &arg1, const QVarian
// this is the case for e.g. sendEvent("...", 'A')
// but also works with sendEvent("...", "ABCD")
foreach(const QChar typeChar, arg1.toString()) {
- sendEvent("keydown", typeChar, NULL, NULL, modifierArg);
- sendEvent("keyup", typeChar, NULL, NULL, modifierArg);
+ sendEvent("keydown", typeChar, QVariant(), QString(), modifierArg);
+ sendEvent("keyup", typeChar, QVariant(), QString(), modifierArg);
} else {
// otherwise we assume a raw integer char-code was given
- sendEvent("keydown", arg1.toInt(), NULL, NULL, modifierArg);
- sendEvent("keyup", arg1.toInt(), NULL, NULL, modifierArg);
+ sendEvent("keydown", arg1.toInt(), QVariant(), QString(), modifierArg);
+ sendEvent("keyup", arg1.toInt(), QVariant(), QString(), modifierArg);

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