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Commits on Feb 3, 2016
  1. @zackw

    Tests for child process stdin

    zackw committed
    To avoid cross-platform issues, these tests spawn platform- and 2/3-agnostic
    Python scripts; Python is already required to run the test suite.
  2. @tdammers @zackw
  3. @execjosh @zackw

    Add stdin for spawned processes (#11446)

    execjosh committed with zackw
    This change adds simple write functionality to stdin of a `spawn`ed
    [Issue #11446](#11446)
  4. @zackw

    Make paths to PhantomJS and Python interpreters available to tests.

    zackw committed
    Incidental refactoring of the environment variable setup code in and testharness.js.
  5. @zackw
  6. @zackw
  7. @zackw

    Test directory reorganization.

    zackw committed
    The `certs`, `fixtures`, `node_modules`, and `www` directories, and
    `testharness.js`, are moved into a new `lib` directory to reduce
    clutter; the long-term plan is that all other subdirectories will
    contain tests.  (Right now, we still have `ghostdriver-tests` as an
    exception.)  Adjust ``, ``, `testharness.js`,
    and a couple of tests accordingly.
    Also fix a bug in `` where ERROR conditions that happened
    before the first test were not being reported accurately.
Commits on Jan 25, 2016
  1. @Alhadis

    Fix typo in command-line help message

    Alhadis committed with
    Closes #13894
Commits on Jan 24, 2016
  1. @zackw

    Fix spurious testsuite failures.

    zackw committed
     * test/basics/version: must be updated for version number bumps.
     * test/basics/require: stack trace is now accurate
       (issue #12864, commit 0e32928)
     * test/module/webpage/capture_content: this feature had to be backed out
       (issue #13908, commit cab28cc)
  2. @mepard @zackw
  3. @Vitallium

    [Windows] Update 3rd party dependencies

    Vitallium committed
    Upgrade OpenSSL to 1.0.2e
  4. @erikdubbelboer @Vitallium
  5. Set version to "2.1.0"

    Refs #12970
  6. Populate the ChangeLog for 2.1

    Issue #12970
  7. Remove service-dependent examples

    Reduce maintenance burden by not having fragile example scripts.
    Fixes #13931
  8. Disable Travis CI build

    Historically this has been failing forever and we plan to switch to
    a different setup.
    Refs #13850
  9. @mepard @zackw

    Fix a typo in test/www/

    mepard committed with zackw
      Pull request #13918
      Part of issue #13882
  10. @zackw

    Add --skip-git mode to

    zackw committed with
    Refs #13930
Commits on Jan 23, 2016
  1. Fix OS X packaging

    Refs #12970
  2. Remove distribution-specific files

    Fixes #13928
  3. @iradul @Vitallium

    Give appropriate URL to evaluated JS files and to the main page.

    iradul committed with Vitallium
    This will enable remote debugger to correctly load and display available runtime scripts.
    Modules will be sourced from `JAVASCRIPT_SOURCE_PLATFORM_URL` template.
    Program scripts which includes main script and any script loaded using `phantom.injectJs()` will be sourced from `JAVASCRIPT_SOURCE_CODE_URL` template.
    Issue: #12864
  4. @Vitallium
  5. @Vitallium

    Remove outdated files

    Vitallium committed
    Issue: #13908
  6. @Vitallium

    Fix a small memory leak

    Vitallium committed
    Issue: #13805
  7. @Vitallium
  8. @mepard @Vitallium

    Fix crash running subwindows test

    mepard committed with Vitallium
    See #13882
  9. @Artur- @Vitallium

    Support contextmenu events using webpage.sendEvent('contextmenu')

    Artur- committed with Vitallium
    Phantomjs issue
    Fixes #11429 by allowing to send a "contextmenu" event. Intentionally
    does not map a "click" event using "right" button into contextmenu event
    because this would be inconsistent with how browsers work.
    Related issue in Ghostdriver:
  10. @Vitallium

    Remove capturing response feature

    Vitallium committed
    Issue: #13908
Commits on Jan 19, 2016
  1. @zackw
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