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Commits on Nov 23, 2015
  1. @nicksay @Vitallium

    Fix example runner for Jasmine 2.3

    nicksay committed with Vitallium
    Some banner elements (particularly the test run duration) have moved; this
    change extracts the text values from the new locations.  Also, the test run
    duration is now populated after all tests are run, so include it as a "complete"
    condition in the `waitsFor` function.
    Closes #13459
  2. @Vitallium
  3. @Vitallium
  4. @zackw
Commits on Nov 17, 2015
  1. @zackw
  2. @zackw

    Stop using Breakpad.

    zackw committed
    Breakpad crash dumps are almost always useless, and distract bug reporters
    from providing genuinely useful information.  It also adds a whole lot
    of third-party code, with significant complexity both in itself and in
    its implications for the PhantomJS build and package process.
    Instead, we have a minimal set of signal handlers (Unix) / fatal error
    handlers (Windows) which print out a "please file a bug report" message
    and that's it.  Complete bug reporting instructions can live on the web.
  3. @zackw

    Remove obsolete build.cmd and

    zackw committed
    These no longer work now that qtbase/qtwebkit are submodules.
    Various scripts in deploy/ probably don't work anymore either, but
    leaving that alone for now.
Commits on Nov 8, 2015
  1. @Vitallium

    Remove outdated files

    Vitallium committed
  2. @Vitallium

    Sync 3rdparty submodule

    Vitallium committed
    Issue: #12426
  3. @Vitallium

    Build fails on Linux with GCC 5 and GStreamer

    Vitallium committed
    This allows a successful build on Linux/gcc5 with the gstreamer libraries
  4. @Vitallium

    Sync modules

    Vitallium committed
  5. @Vitallium
  6. @Vitallium

    Add a workaround to build PhantomJS with XCode 7

    Vitallium committed
    Apple stopped shipping OpenSSL with XCode7.
    Let's use OpenSSL installed via Brew or MacPorts.
  7. @Vitallium

    Commit QtBase directory

    Vitallium committed
  8. @Vitallium

    Remove outdated files

    Vitallium committed
  9. @Vitallium

    [Windows] Ignore some linker warnings.

    Vitallium committed
    Ignore warning 4049 about importing locally defined symbols.
  10. @Vitallium

    [Windows] Add zlib dependency

    Vitallium committed
    Third party libraries now have zlib library.
    Zlib library is necessary for compression in PDF printing and WOFF files.
  11. @Vitallium
  12. @Vitallium
  13. @Vitallium

    [Windows] Fix build script.

    Vitallium committed
    Removed deprecated options.
    Added 3rd party libraries paths.
  14. @Vitallium
  15. @milianw @Vitallium

    Add unified Python build script for PhantomJS.

    milianw committed with Vitallium
    This script merges the functionality of all these files:
    Note that some recent changes to the above files are not yet
    included in this script. Due to that, these files are not yet removed.
    If you fear this pulls in Python as another build dependency, then
    fear not: Qt WebKit already requires Python internally. It also
    includes Ruby and Perl btw, but I opted for Python.
    Issue: #12580
  16. @Vitallium
  17. @Vitallium
  18. @Vitallium

    Removed bundled QtBase copy

    Vitallium committed
Commits on Oct 22, 2015
  1. @Vitallium
Commits on Oct 20, 2015
  1. @zackw

    Don't hardwire listening ports for the test HTTP(S) servers.

    zackw committed
    Instead, asks the kernel to assign a random unused port
    number for each, and then sets environment variables TEST_HTTP_BASE
    and TEST_HTTPS_BASE to the base URLs of each server.  In tests that
    use testharness.js, these are exposed as global variables with the
    same name; tests that don't use the harness will need to pick them out
    of require('system').env if they need them.  (Currently there are no
    such tests.)
    Part of issue #13478 (test suite overhaul).
  2. @zackw

    Add ability to test exit status and stdin/out/err directly.

    zackw committed
    This works with more //! directives at the top of a test, which
    will normally be a no-harness test.  It is now possible, for
    instance, to test for an _unsuccessful_ exit, or for output
    appearing on stderr rather than stdout.  The tests for
    phantom.exit and sys.stdin/out/err have been augmented
    It is also now possible to adjust the backstop timeout on a
    per-test basis, and therefore the existing timeouts have been
    lowered to 5s (harness), 7s (backstop).
    Part of issue #13478 (test suite overhaul).
  3. @zackw

    Reformat all individual tests' output as TAP.

    zackw committed
    This enables to parse it and produce structured,
    pretty output.  A couple of latent failures were exposed and
    marked expected (having to do with control passing beyond
    Part of issue #13478 (test suite overhaul).
  4. @zackw

    Remove the old test runner.

    zackw committed
    Part of issue #13478 (test suite overhaul).
  5. @zackw

    Convert webpage-spec.js tests to the new format.

    zackw committed
    Part of issue #13478 (test suite overhaul).
  6. @zackw

    Convert non-webpage tests to the new format.

    zackw committed
    This covers fs-spec-*.js, require/require_spec.js, module_spec.js,
    webkit-spec.js, and webserver-spec.js.  Also, incorporate
    set/690-ttf-crash/ as a regression test (it wasn't being run
    Part of issue #13478 (test suite overhaul).
  7. @zackw

    Replace assert.js with a new test harness based on W3C testharness.js.

    zackw committed
    The principal value of this test harness is its support for asynchronous
    tests -- that is, tests where you have to wait for a callback to happen
    before you can continue testing.  This applies to every test in our
    testsuite that uses, and some others as well.  With this
    harness, the test suite is significantly faster and can be made race-free.
    The API is not exactly the same as W3C testharness.js -- important
    differences include: test execution is serialized within a file; "file is
    test" mode has been removed, as we do not need it and it adds significant
    complexity; several additional assertions have been added; the ability to
    mark tests as expected to fail, or as to be skipped entirely, has been added.
    New-style tests can opt out of testharness.js with a "no-harness"
    directive at the top of the file; this is necessary for a small number
    of tests (e.g. basics/exit.js) that test functionality the harness
    reserves for its own use.
    All existing new-style tests have been converted to testharness.js; some
    groups of tests have been consolidated into fewer files.  The naming
    convention for tests in regression/ is clarified.
    Part of issue #13478 (test suite overhaul).
  8. @zackw


    zackw committed
     * Eliminate the global variables.
     * More thorough error detection in the HTTP(S) server.
     * Test directive comments must start with //! and the parser is more robust.
     * Handle child process stderr separately from stdout
       (this will make it possible to test more things).
     * Execute tests within each directory in alphabetical order. (#12439)
     * Support and use multi-level wildcards in TESTS.  This means we don't
       have to touch every time we add a subdirectory to
       module/ or standards/.
     * Handle HTTP server errors during a test more gracefully.  Errors caused by
       the client disconnecting in the middle of a query-response transaction are
       ignored.  Other errors are reported and the test suite exits cleanly.
     * Add HTTPS and POST support to test server.
     * Add ability to run PhantomJS under a debugger on a test case.
     * Use argparse for command line parsing.
     * Accept -v as short for --verbose.
     * Repeating -v means more verbosity; at -vvv, phantomjs command lines are
       printed.  (-vv is reserved for printing individual subtests, which will
       happen later.)
     * Fix bug where, with one or more -v, the pjs version number was printed
    Part of issue #13478 (test suite overhaul).
Commits on Sep 25, 2015
  1. @eceglov @Vitallium
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