Fix mongoose build warnings on Windows #10348

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With Qt Creator 2.4.0 Desktop Qt 4.7.3 on Win7, which apparently uses mingw32 4.4.0, mongoose builds with some warnings.

These warnings might not be seen when building in a *nix environment.

See discussion: #172 (comment)

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milianw commented Jan 13, 2012 commented:

please report this issue upstream at the mongoose project like I told you in the pull request's discussion.


Yes, will do. This is just a reminder.

ariya commented Jan 15, 2012 commented:

Should we do something (patch our own copy) or should we just wait until upstream Mongoose is fixed?

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milianw commented Jan 15, 2012 commented:

This decision is up to you Ariya, you are the project lead after all :) Considering that this is purely about silencing build time warnings, I wouldn't think it's worth the effort.


I prefer "zero warnings"; but, since the warnings are only apparent on a specific platform/build env, I also think we can just wait for upstream Mongoose to be fixed.

BTW, I submitted the patch here:

ariya commented Jan 16, 2012 commented:

Let's see if by the time we approach PhantomJS 1.5 release and there is no fix upstream, then we will patch our own copy.

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ariya commented Mar 15, 2012 commented:

Non critical, rescheduled.

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execjosh commented May 9, 2013

This can be closed, I guess...

@execjosh execjosh closed this May 9, 2013
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