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I'm running latest phantomjs dist with webdriver extension, and my tests don't work.

I'm trying to debug via console with curl:

curl -XPOST -d "{"url":"http://host.local/foo/bar"}"

When I send the request to phantomjs it is being proceeded but doesn't answer.

In PhantomJs logs i see and that's all. Can anybody help me?


I wonder if this is actually to do with ghostdriver - - (specifically version 1.0.4). I experience this problem with version 1.0.4 and when I manually regress to ghostdriver version 1.0.3 the problem goes away (both PhantomJS 1.9.1 and 1.9.2).

Haven't got anything useful to provide on top of what you've shown yet, but I will have a little dig over the next hour or so to see if I can get it working or have a proper bug report I can put in to the ghostdriver repo's issues (I think we should close the issue here). Can't really provide a "test" as it seems to simply be a matter of the driver not responding.

(Also: Cheeky ping to @detro incase he doesn't receive notifications for issues on this repo)


Looking in to this further it seems that it's actually to do with Selenium's new WireProtocol spec, which ghostdriver was updated to support (detro/ghostdriver@60bf3c9). I am using Mink Selenium2 Driver - - which might not have been updated to support the new spec (a cursory glance down commits over the past few months and I can't tell). Will update again soon.


Been fixed in underlying PHP WebDriver (instaclick/php-webdriver#34); Mink Selenium2 Driver needs to update its dependency. @korotovsky I recommend looking at your Selenium bindings and making sure they've been updated within the last few months.

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