phantom.js on windows retuns blank page of #11647

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I tested it on linux and it works correctly but I run that simple
one url page on 3 different windows instances and they all return
about:blank page, no content.

What is even more strange when I used fiddler as a proxy, trying to trace requests
it works but as soon as I exit fiddler it again returns blank page.


Try changing Phantom's WebPage#settings.userAgent string, some sites/webservers are setup to ignore unrecognized browsers. Fiddler might be changing it for you.


Thanks for reply, yes I did, in fact it was running with standard Firefox 22 userAgent
Also running plain phantomjs on linux opens page perfectly fine, only windows version does not work for that specific case.


Got even stranger, today tested it on linux and got the same blank page response, I definetely remember yesterday it was working on linux, but today could not get it to return page. May be something in my home network, but I tried it at work and got the same blank page.
Interesting that request for page is very simple. It is GET request and Headers and Agent looks perfectly normal as would any Firefox browser look so I am puzzled.


Bump, this is happening on both Linux and OSX hosts for me.


Same here. Anyone found the problem?


Been trying to work this out for hours, finally found the solution from a Stack Overflow post.

Tumblr apparently uses TLSv1.2 encryption while the default for phantomjs is SSLv3, to solve use either:


Thanks, will try it out.


Fixed in 2.0. Please upgrade to PhantomJS 2.0.

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