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Add different proxies support #11667

ghost opened this Issue · 2 comments

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We can set single proxy in command line like:
phantomjs example.js --proxy="ip:port"

But it would be useful to set (or change) proxy "on fly" for specific page objects:

var page1 = require('webpage').create();
page1.settings.proxy ="ip1:port";

var page2 = require('webpage').create();
page2.settings.proxy ="ip2:port";

Sometimes it's far better than launching different phantomjs processes (as we should do now to use different proxies).


Yeah, that'd be very helpful.


Moreover, as I understood, there is a pull request that provides this functionality from @artkoshelev, but no merging activity form @detro and @ariya still. Here's an issue: #11980

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