'phantomjs' pops up a new CMD window. How to stop that? #14727

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  1. Which version of PhantomJS are you using? Tip: run phantomjs --version.
    Can't see, look at title. It opens up a new cmd and closes right away so I can't see the version fast enough.

  2. What steps will reproduce the problem?

  3. Make it like node where it doesn't pop up a new cmd window and just converts straight to node cmd when typing 'node'

  4. Which operating system are you using?
    windows 10 x64

  5. Did you use binary PhantomJS or did you compile it from source?

  6. Please provide any additional information below.
    typing 'phantomjs' opens up a new cmd window and then it just closes. I can't run scripts or do anything.
    ex: 'phantomjs uni.js' doesn't work. it just opens a new window and tries to execute the script but it just closes.

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