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execjosh commented Apr 6, 2013

Fixes #10249 ("Japanese web pages not rendered properly by static Mac binary").

NOTE: While this should fix #10249, all supported build environments need to be tested with and without these modifications!

ariya commented Apr 13, 2013

Is this already tested on other platforms than Mac OS X? If not yet, I can test it on Linux.


Unfortunately, I've only really been able to test it on Mac OS X. I made sure the build passed on a VM with a fresh install of Ubuntu Server 12.10, and it seems to be working from what I can tell. But, I would appreciate it if you could test on linux, as well :)

And, woops! It looks like my indent settings were incorrect (two instead of four spaces). I'll fix it in a bit.

ariya commented Apr 23, 2013

Looks good! It's now merged, thank you!

@ariya ariya closed this Apr 23, 2013
jeresig commented Apr 28, 2013

Great to see this land, thank you @execjosh and @ariya! This bug is affecting me too - is there a timeline for a 1.9.1 release?

ariya commented Apr 29, 2013

@execjosh After some thought, I think this is critical enough so that I'll backport it to 1.9 branch.

@jeresig We still wait for the critical fix in #11252. Hopefully soon! Meanwhile, for limited environment/test, it's rather easy to build it yourself :)

jeresig commented Apr 29, 2013

@ariya Awesome, thanks! Good call on the build, I may end up doing that (was just trying to figure out the time trade-off between setting up the build environment vs. just waiting for the next release).

@JamesMGreene JamesMGreene referenced this pull request Jun 25, 2013
@execjosh @ariya execjosh + Implement system.std{in,out,err}
See [issue 333][1] and pull request #192.


`File::read` currently takes no parameters and is equivalent to a
"`readAll`".  This will be changed later to match [IO/A Spec's
`Stream#read`][2]; but, should still be noted.

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