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Currently phantomjs stores offline application cache data and what it calls local storage data in a shared directory, while phantomjs has a command-line parameter for such data. This patch places all of this data into the user-specified directory (--local-storage-path) so that it is possible to run multiple independent phantomjs sessions in separate processes in a single user session on a system.

This will affect any existing user of --local-storage-path who also uses offline application storage in their site.

Please note, the navigator.onLine osx change might cause build problems on non-osx. Probably need some modifications to the file that comments out building for anything other than osx. But I'm not familiar with .pro files enough to blindly make those changes without testing. So please consider immediately testing a build and modify that file to handle building bearer for mac but not for other systems.

epowers added some commits Nov 12, 2013
@epowers epowers All local storage paths in one directory and config argument. 43a34cc
@epowers epowers navigator.onLine OSX support added; qt plugin corewlan on osx enables…
… webkit to detect if the network is online, then reflect that status in the browser; this patch pulls code from qt 4.8 into the phantomjs source tree to add corewlan to mac builds.

Thanks for the patch. Please read the contribution guide and follow the process there. In particular, look for past issues/PR related to the local storage path. Also, navigator.onLine should be a separate discussion.


Obsolete. Closing.

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