Packaging PhantomJS

This directory contains various scripts to assist with making PhantomJS packages.

Packaging for Linux

Linux building/packaging is best done in a container to ensure isolation. We use Docker to automate the process. Please see the Docker documentation for instructions on installing Docker. For OS X or Windows host, please use Docker Toolbox.

Once you have Docker installed, run these commands from the top level of the PhantomJS source repository:

 $ git clean -xfd .
 $ docker run -v $PWD:/src debian:wheezy /src/deploy/

For the 32-bit version:

 $ git clean -xfd .
 $ docker run -v $PWD:/src tubia/debian:wheezy /src/deploy/

The built binary will be extracted out of the container and copied to the current directory.

Packaging for OS X

Run deploy/ That's it.

However, if you have previously built the sources in release mode, you should clean your tree to make sure all the debugging symbols gets compiled:

 $ make clean && cd src/qt && make clean && cd ../..