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breakpad Long live PhantomJS 2!
ghostdriver Long live PhantomJS 2!
linenoise WIP: Get the PhantomJS+Qt build for MSVC working.
modules Fix passing date as argument to page.evaluate().
mongoose -ldl is needed only on Linux, not on all Unices.
qcommandline Embedding GhostDriver into PhantomJS(!!!)
qt Issue #12630: Support compiling on OSX10.10...
.gitignore-breakpad Fix missing Makefiles in breakpad due to global .gitignore.
Info.plist Mac: Embed Info.plist in the executable.
bootstrap.js Remove CoffeeScript support.
callback.cpp Adding "page.onFilePicker" callback.
callback.h Make it possible to print pages with user-defined headers/footers.
childprocess.cpp Emulate spawn and execFile from node.js's child_process module
childprocess.h Fix compilation on Windows.
config.cpp Add a command-line option --local-urls={true,false}
config.h Add a command-line option --local-urls={true,false}
configurator.js Implement JSON config loader
consts.h Set version from `2.0.0-development` to `2.0.0`.
cookiejar.cpp Long live PhantomJS 2!
cookiejar.h Long live PhantomJS 2!
crashdump.cpp Cast malloc to wchar_t. This is required in C++.
crashdump.h Set the terminate handler to std::abort. (#12541)
encoding.cpp Long live PhantomJS 2!
encoding.h Synchronize std{in,out,err} encoding with `Terminal`
env.cpp Simplify Env code by reusing QProcessEnvironment.
env.h Simplify Env code by reusing QProcessEnvironment.
filesystem.cpp Long live PhantomJS 2!
filesystem.h Teach `File` how to change its encoding
main.cpp Convert Utils into a namespace and remove dead code.
networkaccessmanager.cpp Cast maxDiskCacheSize to qint64 to allow disk cache be more than 2Gb.
networkaccessmanager.h Add a command-line option --local-urls={true,false}
phantom.cpp remove hardcoded "PhantomJS is launching GhostDriver..." message
phantom.h Remove the deprecated phantom.scriptName.
phantomjs-icon.png Attach the icon the application main widget. Improve handling of crash dumps (issue #12236).
phantomjs.qrc Remove CoffeeScript support.
phantomjs_os2.ico Add icon files for Windows and OS/2.
phantomjs_os2.rc Add icon files for Windows and OS/2.
phantomjs_win.ico Add icon files for Windows and OS/2.
phantomjs_win.rc Added version info for Windows
remote_debugger_harness.html Heavily simplified (and I dare to say: speed up) the way the remote d…
repl.cpp Long live PhantomJS 2!
repl.h Long live PhantomJS 2!
repl.js REPL returns empty object on enumerating properties on a simple JavaS…
system.cpp System#os.version workaround for new(er) OS X versions.
system.h Fix OS X stdout, stdin, and stderr.
terminal.cpp Long live PhantomJS 2!
terminal.h Make `Terminal` emit a signal upon encoding change
utils.cpp Convert Utils into a namespace and remove dead code.
utils.h Convert Utils into a namespace and remove dead code.
webpage.cpp Fix JPG image rendering.
webpage.h Implement clearMemoryCache() on a web page to clear the cache.
webserver.cpp Long live PhantomJS 2!
webserver.h Automate lazy generation of REPL completion lists
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