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This repository

PhantomJS comes with a lot of included examples. Often an example comes in two flavors: JavaScript and CoffeeScript.

Basic examples

  • arguments.js shows the arguments passed to the script
  • countdown.js prints a 10 second countdown
  • echoToFile.js writes the command line arguments to a file
  • fibo.js lists the first few numbers in the Fibonacci sequence
  • hello.js displays the famous message
  • module.js and universe.js demonstrate the use of module system
  • outputEncoding.js displays a string in various encodings
  • printenv.js displays the system's environment variables
  • scandir.js lists all files in a directory and its subdirectories
  • sleepsort.js sorts integers and delays display depending on their values
  • version.js prints out PhantomJS version number
  • page_events.js prints out page events firing: useful to better grasp page.on* callbacks


Page automation




(More to be written)

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