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Multiple collection Modified Prologue - Jekyll Theme

Gem Version

Prologue Theme

This theme is a modified version of the jekyll theme Prologue.

The installation and configuration of the theme is similar to the original one.

Additions and modifications to original theme

The additions to the original theme are:

  • Multiple collection management if desired.
  • sections of each collection may be full rendered in one page (as in the original theme) or you may choose to generate separate full pages and a collection page with excerpts of each section (page) and a follo up link.
  • I have include support to LaTeX equiations display using mathjax.
  • Section content and excerps in the collection scrolling page is displayed left justify instead of centered.
  • I have stablished Form Matter defaults in the _config.yml file in order use correct layouts (page,post and draft) when a file in a collection does not declare a layout in its Form Matter.

changing 'read more' label

In order to change the give the user the oportunity to change 'read more' label associated to links generated in excerpts of pages and posts, I have created a them configurations variable. You can change it in '_config.yml' file in the section theme-options.

  readmorelabel: "what ever you want"

How to configure multiple collections

You can create as many collections as you want.

You have to declare them in the collecions section of your '_config.yml' file.

For example:

THe default configuration of this theme declares two collections in th config file, sections and others:

      output: false
      output: true

sections collection behaves just like the one in the original Prologue theme. It renders all its sections in one page and does not create a _sections subdirectory. You can read the full content of each section in the single index.html page that it renders.

In order to get this you specify output: false or just don't specify output at all.

others collection renders generates each page separately, in the _others directory and generates a excerpt of each section in the others.html file witha "Read more" link to read the full content.

You need page for each collection, with just the Front Matter for the sections collection, with this Front Matter:

layout: home
title: My Great Homepage
icon: fa-home
order: 1

You have to declare a home layout, that renders the scrolling page with the sections content. There is no collection entry, or alternatively you can declarre collection to be 'sections'. for the others collection, with this Front Matter:

layout: home
collection: others
title: Other sections
icon: fa-hotel
order: 2

You declare a home layout in order to get others.html scrolling page with sections content of others collection.

You must declare 'collection: others' in order to get the pages list of the others collection. If you omit it you will get a duplicate of the pages in sections collection, which is the default.

As others collection has been declared with 'output: true' in the config file, you will get a scrolling page with excerpts and "read me" links that point to the full page content.

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