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Angular JS Zotonic interfacing

This module packages Angular JS for Zotonic. It aims to provide all functionality required to write AngularJS applications with Zotonic as the backend.

All interactive communcation goes through a special websocket handler. A javascript interface (the "zotonicSocket" service) is provided to allow cast/call style interactions with Erlang.

To prevent collisions with Zotonic's template system (which still can be used to serve dynamic views), the AngularJS interpolation symbols have been changed to [[ and ]], respectively.

Writing a custom socket handler module


-export([ws_call/5, ws_cast/4]).

ws_call(hello, _Args, _From, _ReplyId, _Context) ->
  {reply, "world"};

ws_call(_Cmd, _Args, _From, _ReplyId, _Context) ->
  lager:warning("Unknown call: ~p", [_Cmd]),
  {reply, error}.

ws_cast(_Cmd, _Args, _From, _Context) ->
  lager:warning("Unknown cast: ~p", [_Cmd]).

This module would be available in Javascript as follows:

// Open the connection
var socket = zotonicSocket();

// "call" requests have a reply'ng_foo', 'hello').then(function(reply) {

// "cast" requests do not have a reply.
socket.cast('ng_foo', 'meh')

The call() will cause the browser to show an alert box with text "Hello".

The cast() function will cause the Zotonic console to print: Unknown cast: meh.