Python+twisted-based development framework for interactive installations
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Like the Twisted asynchronous network framework, Sparked is a python library and an application runner in one. Some of its features follow here:

  • Robust startup and restart of the program; if it crashes, it's started again.

  • Logging: keeps a rotated logfile for debugging purposes.

  • Pidfile management for making sure your app starts only once.

  • A GUI status window (based on GTK) for monitoring the state of the application and the state of the system (network, power supply, ...). Easy to add your own monitors.

  • Fullscreen graphics display for creating interactive displays, based on the clutter library.

  • Eventing system for broadcasting messages between sparked components.

  • A state machine for guiding the application through different states, with callback functions.

  • Possibility to run the sparked application as a twisted plugin for server applications, including a generic init.d startup script.

  • Plug-and-play support for hardware: automatically start and stop parts of the program when hardware is added or removed.