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Zotonic's fork of Basho's webmachine

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NOTE this repository is under heavy editing and unstable.


Zotonic's Variation

This is a fork of Basho's Webmachine. This fork is done for supporting content management systems with large amounts of dispatch rules and many virtual hosts.

Differences with Basho Webmachine

The main differences with Basho's Webmachine are:

  • Pluggable dispatch handler
  • Support for the HTTP Upgrade
  • Caching of resource callbacks results
  • Dispatch handler can redirect requests
  • Use of process dictionary has been removed
  • webmachine_request is now a normal (not parametrized) module
  • Extra logging

Together this gave a significant speed boost to Webmachine.

In the specific case of Zotonic the difference was 5 milliseconds (or more) per request (on a 2GHz Core 2 Duo). Without these optimizations we were not able to use Webmachine.

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