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* assertArrayEquals(double[], double[], double) and assertArrayEquals(float[], float[], float)
* update documentation
* new cook's tour
* update Test Infected
* Should there be a "prefix" annotation for Suites?
* This would allow two Suites with different BeforeClass/AfterClass behaviors,
but the same component tests, to co-exist
* update the build process
* automatically upload a new JAR
* update site for plug-in version?
* Ant
* Basic task
* support testing run once initialization code e.g. class Foo {{...}}
* Automatically add failing tests to the Known Defects section of the README.html
* Create test target in ant
* Create assume(that()) and assert(that())
(what is a better name for the second one?)
* Simplify implementation of equality, and organize AssertionTest
* Theories class validation should be much better
* Find a way to make Parameterized a single-class extension
* If a suite() returns a JUnit4TestAdapter, allow Filters and Sorters to operate on
the adapted Runner.
* Every time I add a Filter feature, I have to add an equivalent Sorter feature. Suspicious.