the code that powers Wikicoding, the wikipedia of code.
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Every code has a silver lining

wikicoding is the engine that powers Wikicoding, the wikipedia of code.

Anyone can use it to run an instance of wikicoding of their own.

It serves as a wiki engine that manages a wiki of code articles.

This is a nonprofit, free and open source project.

wikicoding is written in Python. It uses the Django web framework and borrows a good part of its codebase from the django-wiki project.


  • Python (runs on Python 2.7.5)
  • Django (runs on Django 1.6.11)
  • Python Markdown
  • Pygments
  • django-south
  • sorl-thumbnail
  • django-sekizai
  • django-mptt
  • MySQL
  • uWSGI
  • nginx

The stack

Wikicoding is an implementation of this project. It depends on nginx to server static files, and uWSGI to run the python application. MySQL serves as the database. Code hightlight is done using Pygments.


Please refer to installation manuals of django applications.

Certain rendundant / sensitive content has been redacted from the source code and are marked as <<redacted>>.

You may find them using the following and then replace them:

$ grep -rn "<<redacted>>" .

Support for languages

Please see Languages for the list of supported langauges in which code articles can be created.

To request addition of a new language, please [submit an issue] ( For the language to be part of the, the language needs to have a working lexer (preferably a pygments lexer) so as to enable syntax highlighting.


All contributions are welcome. You can have a look at the TODO file for a backlog of items open. You may include new and relevant items.

Our logo: Happy hamster.

Our motto: Every code has a silver lining.