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PLDI 2018 Artifact for "Putting in All the Stops: Execution Control for JavaScript"

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Stopify Benchmarks

This repository contains the benchmark suite and the harness used to evaluate the Stopify compiler.


Stopify was evaluated using a collection of benchmarks in a variety of languages that compile to JavaScript. For the evaluation, we compiled these benchmarks to JavaScript and instrumented them with Stopify.

The benchmarks are hosted in the stopify-aec repository. For each language, the original benchmarks are stored within the <language>/benchmark-files/ folder and the JavaScript version of each of the benchmark is stored in <language>/js-build.


The Stopify benchmarking harness is contianed within ./harness/ folder. This is the entrypoint to the benchmarking harness. The harness is responsible for three things:

  1. Initializing the SQLite database that contains all the evaluation data.
  2. Compiling the benchmark files with the Stopify compiler.
  3. Running the server to collect benchmarking information from each browser.

Building the harness

NOTE: Make sure that ./harness/results.sqlite is removed befre running the harness.

To build the harness, run the following commands.

> cd harness/
> rm results.sqlite                    # Remove the checked-in version of evaluation numbers.
> yarn install && yarn run build       # Build the harness
> yarn run init                        # Initialize the DB.
> yarn run compileJs                   # Compile all benchmarks with Stopify

The benchmarks compiled by the harness are placed in ./tmp.

Running the benchmarks

Run the following command from ./harness after building the harness.

> yarn run server

Once the harness server is running, visit localhost:4997 in the browser you want to benchmark. The benchmarks will automatically start running. Since there are a lot of benchmarks, it will take quite a while to run all the benchmarks.

Once the benchmarks are done running, the webpage will allow you to render the results by clicking on "Render results". Clicking on this will generate graphs for the run and also save these in the ./harness/ folder.


PLDI 2018 Artifact for "Putting in All the Stops: Execution Control for JavaScript"






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