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Quickly turn your pictures into Slack Emojis! Have more fun with your Slack team.
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Slackify is an Expo app that allows users to choose/take photos which then get resized to emoji dimensions perfect for uploading to Slack. With this app, a team can quickly grow their custom emoji index with all manner of photos.

alt text

See Slackify-Pennapps, for which I placed in the top 30 at PennApps 2017! This project is a refreshed version with a new style and new API structure.


View the presentation slides here

The iQmetrix team, with whom I worked for 2 summers, had a great and creative custom emoji suite in their Slack channel. It helped contributed to a great team culture that was very positive and fun.

I tested out custom emoji's in my own team's Slack channel for the Computer Engineering Club and it worked really well, even getting former students saying they missed them.

So I decided to build Slackify, so that I could easier make custom emoji's from the pictures on my phone.


View the blog post here

Slackify is designed to be bright and fun with a tartan pattern to reflect Slack's hashtag logo.

It's clean and simple look was guided by it's functionality, which is clean and simple itself.

I designed Slackify in Figma, which you can see here


View the blog post => "Coding the Design" section

Most of the code for this app are in App.js and emoji.js, but I also created some additional components in button.js and formInput.js.

All the styles for each screen and component are in their own file (the sign in page is in App.js). I used the StyleSheet from react-native for all the components.

I did not complete the API calls for the Slack signin and emoji uploading. This incomplete part of the project will be finished another time.

build and run instructions

  • Install Node.js
  • Run: npm install expo-cli --global in the Terminal
  • Clone my repository: git clone
  • Go to the repository: cd slackify
  • Install the node modules: npm install
  • Run the app: expo start
  • On your Android or iOS device, use the Expo app and the QR Code given to run the app on your phone. More instructions here
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