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My final year capstone project helps personal stylists recommend daily outfits for their clients and shows potential for large market disruption. Blog post:
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The Stylist Assistant is a companion for stylists and their clients. In the industry today, personal stylists work with their clients closely, often on a daily basis, helping them achieve the client's desired personal style goal. This makes being a personal stylist a full-time job, and hiring a personal stylist very expensive. Hence, very few people have a personal stylist. 

By reducing the stylist's time commitment we can reduce the time and cost barriers for clients, thus increasing the demand in the industry.


Capstone projects at the University of Alberta's Faculty of Engineering are usually in groups of 3–5. I worked on this project with Rui Wu and Vitor Mendonca.

View everyone's contributions in the original repository here.


The Stylist Assistant seeks to help stylists with their clients daily style using image detection to recognize clothing items, data science to match outfits and a mobile app to interface between the two parties.

The project's potential to disrupt and grow the industry to a large degree makes it a potentially revolutionary technology.

alt text

Project Details

Read proper details about the project on my blog.

View our class presentation slides.

Image Detection

See the Image Detection folder

Recommendation API

See the Recommendation API folder

Mobile App

See the Mobile App folder

Final Report

The final report I wrote for the course with diagrams and mockups that the course required.

Honestly it's probably better to skim through my blog post. The style of the Final Report was required to be a specific way that's not that informative.

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