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Question2answer chat Shows AJAX Chat for logged in users and option to have Ad for others. AJAX chat uses the login of Q2A and by default has a separate chat room per Q2A category. Requires AJAX chat to be installed in the chat folder of this plugin (included here)- just set up the chat database. Instructions can be seen here

In summary

git clone adchat

Set the database access values in chat/lib/config.php.example and then rename it to config.php.

Then load "qa-plugin/adchat/chat/install.php" from the browser after prepending with the Q2A url.

Delete install.php - Running this again causes the chat database to be deleted.


Go to "/admin/layout" and you can create a sidebar widget for chat.

Also, in "/admin/pages" new pages can be created for full page chat as well as chat logs (chat logs can be searched)

For Ads to be displayed for non-logged in users, please set the Ad sense ID in the admin panel for the Basic Adsense plugin. Special thanks to Sebastian Tschan for AJAX chat and also for Integration Instructions