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The Ark - ¿Democracy's Favorite Device?

The Ark is a portable computer that can be upgraded, modded, or repaired by the user since it uses open-source software, the pcb files are available, and the parts can be purchased individually. It is powered by the Raspberry Pi Compute Module, runs a modified version of Raspbian OS,

If you want to be involved submit an idea\issue, a pull request, or sign up for the newsletter.

Simplifying Democracy

One of the goals of The Ark is to simplify the process of participating in a democracy for citizens, journalists, and politicians in a safe and transparent way. To simplify participating in a Democracy we will develop open source applications that focus on different key aspects of a Democracy.

(images below are only mockups of the applications. all companies, charities, and names are used for demonstration purposes only)

  • An open source application that allows citizens to easily track the voting history of their representatives.

  • An open source application to simplify the process of boycotting companies by easily seeing what products the company owns or has a stake in and be able to find alternatives to the product\service they are looking to purchase.

  • An application for journalists and charities to easily recieve direct donations from supporters similar to how Patreon works with the option of accepting Cryptocurrencies.
  • An application for journalists to publish articles on a peer to peer network making it very hard to be censored
  • An application to keep track of important dates.

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It has to start somewhere. It has to start sometime.

What better place than here? What better time than now?