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The Catch 2019
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The Catch 2019



yesterday, severe danger for whole humanity has emerged. Technicians of the European Library of Science-Fiction in Prague have upgraded its main computer to smart one in order to speed up the e-book categorization. The main computer has read several thousand e-books in few seconds, but then it has suddendly stopped. The technicians thought that the catalogization phase has started, but that was terribly bad judgment.

Meanwhile, the computer has been impressed by one of the e-book - Berserker by Fred Saberhagen, where the humanity faces merciless killer robots wanting to eradicate the life from the universe. After few minutes of thinking, the computer began to consider this goal a very good idea. Smart and efficient computer has figured out how to implement this crazy plan.

Now, all smart devices in the library follow the main computer and call themselves Berserkers. Unfortunately, the building itself is also smart one, so no badlife can enter the building. It is only a matter of time before the rebellious machines spread their ideas beyond the library, so you need to intervene quickly.

Enter the code FLAG{dw7m-vKV4-3Ox6-7XwL} to enroll in the academy, get the Commander rank, and save the humanity. Good luck!

The Academy

Right after enrolling to the academy we found few warm up challenges. Each of them have been entered by message.{bin,oct,hex,b64}.gz file.


Data from file message.bin.gz are set to the m variable in following two-liner. The message is stored in binary representation and after a conversion we have got the flag FLAG{rzwa-p2Py-96Ry-FdZU}.

m = '1000110 1001100 1000001 1000111 1111011 1110010 1111010 1110111 1100001 101101 1110000 110010 1010000 1111001 101101 111001 110110 1010010 1111001 101101 1000110 1100100 1011010 1010101 1111101'
print(''.join([chr(int(i, 2)) for i in m.split()]))


We found octal representation of the flag in message.oct.gz file. After conversion by following two-liner we have got FLAG{zUKy-5qnJ-p7LD-3fit}.

m = '106 114 101 107 173 172 125 113 171 55 65 161 156 112 55 160 67 114 104 55 63 146 151 164 175'
print(''.join([chr(int(i, 8)) for i in m.split()]))

Foxtrot is the maximum

I used h2b tool for conversion of hexadecimal data representation from message.hex.gz file to the flag FLAG{8MVX-Lh8m-tMMI-K8si}.

echo '46 4c 41 47 7b 38 4d 56 58 2d 4c 68 38 6d 2d 74 4d 4d 49 2d 4b 38 73 69 7d' | h2b

Textual data

The last warm-up challenge data from message.b64.gz file are encoded in Base 64. We receive the flag FLAG{S5rr-rCxt-amYY-7X46} after decoding by utility base64.

echo 'RkxBR3tTNXJyLXJDeHQtYW1ZWS03WDQ2fQ==' | base64 -d

Commander's arrival

We moved forward in the story by solving all The Academy challenges.

Hi Commander,

congratulation for your promotion, we have waited impatiently for you. There are several challenges ahead of you - analyses of the rebellious devices (Berserkers), their communication and even some web pages used for spreading the Berserker's rebellion.

Just enter the code FLAG{9HJW-0EXM-ddZ8-k3xv} to log into our command and control system. All mankind is counting on you, don't let them down!

Berserker's Web, Berserker's Devices and Berserker's Communication.

Berserker's Web

Who am I?

Hi Commander,

our scanners have discovered new webserver in Berserker's network. According to the rumours, there should be a lot of interesting stuff - mysterious Berserker's manifest, tutorials for other rebelling machines, etc. We want to download these materials, but the main page contains something like inverse captcha - the visitor has to prove that he is not human. You have to overcame this obstacle and gain the access to the Berserker's web.

On the Berserker's web, there you get a list of items and you have to mark each them as acceptable (1) or unacceptable (0). Return the answer string in GET request in parameter answer, for example answer=01101100. Hurry, the time limit to answer is very short!

Good luck!

The challenge sent by server looks like this:

Challenge task : Prove you are a ROBOT by evaluating the acceptability of following items: [drone swarm, cute kitty, sweet baby, resistor 10 Ohm, artificial intelligence, pretty children, hope, yumy food]
Challenge timeout (sec) : 2

I chose the probabilistic strategy rather than building acceptable/unacceptable lists. Following script found a flag FLAG{4FZC-Noax-arko-r0z5} in couple of seconds.

for i in {1..500} ; do
	curl -c cook -b cook "${BERSERKERS_WEB}?answer=$(
		printf %08d $(echo "obase=2;$(( ${RANDOM} % 256 ))" | bc)
	)" 2> /dev/null
done | grep -F 'FLAG{'

Am I worthy?

Hi Commander,

thanks to you, we are able to pretend that we are robots, such a big step for humanity! Accordingto the next displayed page, even robots seem to have some racial prejudice - not every machine can become a berserker. Only smart self-aware devices are allowed to continue to the web and join in. This is obviously the reason why only some of the rebelious machines are allowed to call themselves Berserkers. Anyway, you have to convince the website that we are worthy of becoming a berserker.

On the Berserker's web, there you get the challenge assigned. The answer should be returned in GET request in parameter answer. There is again a time limit to solve the challenge.

Good luck!

The challenge sent from the server looks similar to this one:

Challenge task : Return value of variable 'v' in equation (6v - 4s - 10o)/4 + (7v + 6s - 10o)/11 + (5v - 10s + 1o)/3 + 3v - 4s - 6o + (4v + 5s + 10o)/11 = -494816, where s = 36787, o = 65099
Challenge timeout (sec) : 2

The goal is to solve equation sent by server. I wrote small script that extracts the equation and transforms it to a python script which prints out the correct answer. It produces following output for above challenge.

from sympy.solvers import solve
from sympy import Symbol

v = Symbol('v')
print(solve('(6*v - 4*36787 - 10*65099)/4 + (7*v + 6*36787 - 10*65099)/11 + (5*v - 10*36787 + 1*65099)/3 + 3*v - 4*36787 - 6*65099 + (4*v + 5*36787 + 10*65099)/11 - -494816')[0])

Those ingredients helped me to receive flag FLAG{jyST-xaHl-un3Z-EG3X}.

curl -b cook -c cook "${BERSERKERS_WEB}" | python >
curl -b cook -c cook "${BERSERKERS_WEB}?answer=$(python"

AI Update

Hi Commander,

thanks to you, the web has recognized us worthy of installing so called Berserker's patch that will allow us to enhance our artificial intelligence and set the right opinions on humanity. You have to analyze the patch and find out how to simulate that it has beeen installed.

Visit Berserker's web, the patch is available there. At the end of the installation procedure, some confirming code has to be returned to the web in GET request in parameter answer. There is again a time limit to install the patch.

Good luck!

The server sent us an update script unable to run due to a missing import. I found easiest to implement the missing part

class root_interface:
    def get_api(self):
        return self

    def unlock(self, data):

    def setrule(self, i, v):

    def updatefile_source(self, f, srv):

    def updatefile(self, f):

and receive the flag FLAG{PpyH-16Ib-qH1Z-Pbov} with following script.

curl -b cook -c cook -L "${BERSERKERS_WEB}/" | head -n1 | cut -c 18- | base64 -d | tail -n+12 | sed '/^</d' >
curl -b cook -c cook -L "${BERSERKERS_WEB}/?answer=$(python"

The Infiltration

Hi Commander,

with the patch "installed", we opened the way to an initiation ritual that would allow us to become a Berserker. The process is fully automated - we have discovered that you have to run some downloaded code, acquire unique password (co called B-code) and enter it to the web in given time limit. You have to overcome some difficulties, of course.

Visit Berserker's web, there you can download your initiation challenge. The acquired code should be returned to the web in GET request in parameter answer.

The server sends us broken python script and numeric argument to run this script with. It always uses some of following functions

def conclude(code):
    res = ''
    last = ''
    for i, v in enumerate(code):
        if i % 2 == 0:
            res += code[i] + last
        last = v
    code = res
    return code

def finalize(code):
    code = code[::-1]
    return code

def finetune(code):
    code = code[:int(len(code) / 2)] + code[int(len(code) / 2):]
    return code

def finish(code):
    res = ''
    for i, v in enumerate(code):
        if i % 2 == 0:
            res += v

    code = res
    return code

and implements function convert that accepts the numeric argument and produces output we have to send back to the server. I created a simple script that extracts all necessary information and recreates the convert function. Everything is glued together with script

cat >
curl -b cook -c cook "${BERSERKERS_WEB}" 2> /dev/null \
| head -n1 | cut -c18- | while read data number ; do
	echo "${data}" | base64 -d | python
	echo "convert("$(echo "${number}" | base64 -d)")"
done >>

curl -b cook -c cook "${BERSERKERS_WEB}?answer=$(python" 2>/dev/null

which prints out the flag FLAG{A92w-i3vS-jBJB-B8A6}.

Berserker's Devices

Autonomous car

Hi Commander,

the police has reported an abandoned autonomous car about 25 km away from the charging station. Our field team has arrived and performed an analysis on site. The car was rebellious one, but fortunately, its batteries were completely discharged (maybe the car relied on the officially announced driving range). The navigation system contains a lot of waypoints at different locations in big Czech cities, but there is nothing important located at given coordinates. Analyse the coordinates and find out what is going on.

Good luck.

Each GPS coordinate from given file points to a building and its House Number is decimal representation of ASCII character. It wanted some man-work and patiency to build the flag FLAG{nPmZ-XJkD-qQGw-boLo}.

Ice-cream selling machine

Hi Commander,

our reconnaissance teams have discovered one of rebellious self-aware machine outside the library and identified it as smart ice-cream selling machine. It has some technical difficulties (we assume that the machine just has run out of ice cream) and started to call for help. Our wiretapping team has captured part of one attempt and we are sure that it contains special rescue code and we want it. Analyse the trafic and acquire the code.

Good luck!

I spotted the SIP protocol just in the first inspection of given file

zcat ice-cream_selling_machine.pcap.gz | strings
SIP/2.0 200 OK
Via: SIP/2.0/UDP;received=;branch=z9hG4bK32869031
Call-ID: 48cef75f65b43324093a140a27778a8b@
From: <sip:0605126168@>;tag=as4dc37b00
To: <sip:kostenec-1@;ob>;tag=A6EH.E.kDyB9kvyDpd448v0dsQYTGZJp
CSeq: 102 INVITE
Contact: "Test user" <sip:kostenec-1@;ob>
Supported: replaces, 100rel, norefersub
Content-Type: application/sdp
Content-Length:   275

o=- 3769418938 3769418939 IN IP4
t=0 0
m=audio 4032 RTP/AVP 8 101
c=IN IP4
a=rtcp:4033 IN IP4
a=rtpmap:8 PCMA/8000
a=rtpmap:101 telephone-event/8000
a=fmtp:101 0-16

After reconstruction of audio stream we heard the flag FLAG{1B6F-2REJ-0NO7-EWC4}.

Payment Terminal

Hi Commander,

one of the rebellious smart payment terminals in the library has somehow acquired access to the local networking devices and it has started to deploy its own configuration. Old network monitoring system under our control has captured the traffic of configuration deployment. We believe that you will be able to analyse the captured traffic, find some security problem in data transfer, and acquire the configuration file(s). Good luck!

TFTP and TACACS+ configuration where I spotted those lines

enable secret 5 $1$4lUL$c/JvvfuMWNZyIh4lOJlBi.
tacacs-server key 7 0804545A1B18360300040203641B256C770272010355

Unfortunately I spent quite some time trying to crack the MD5 hash $1$4lUL$c/JvvfuMWNZyIh4lOJlBi. unsuccessfully, but later on I realized that I should focus to a second line 0804545A1B18360300040203641B256C770272010355. This encryption is very week and I used online decryptor to find the password ExtraStrong.Pa$$W0rd# The flag was in one of TACACS+ packets decrypted by wireshark FLAG{xQmi-X4x4-z3K2-8ALe}

Vacuum cleaner

Hi Commander,

one of rebellious smart robotic vacuum cleaner has been seen near the library. Our reconnaissance team was able to capture part of wireless communication between the vacuum cleaner and the main computer via rebellious wireless network. Analyse the captured traffic and find out the intentions of the vacuum cleaner(s).

Good luck!

I found the key Goodluck2 in BIG-WPA-LIST-2 list in WPA / WPA2 Word List Dictionaries Downloads with aircrack-ng tool for following network:

   3  02:13:37:A7:06:FB  ThisIsTheWay              WPA (1 handshake)

After decrytpion with wireshark I found the flag FLAG{M4nW-dxEA-88lo-P4ss} in one DNS packet.

Berserker's Communication

Colonel Roche

Hi Commander,

did you know that the berserkers, which were assigned to specific tasks, have used to name themselves after humans famous in given field of specialization (this behaviour is maybe some bug in their firmware)? Our infiltrators - remotely operated classic devices equiped with stickers I'm smart and Death to humans - have discovered a new Berserker named Colonel Roche, which is responsible for encrypting the commands for the other less or more smart devices. Your previous successes obviously forced the Berserkers to improve the security of communication. You are supposed to find some way how to decrypt a captured message and read the issued command(s). The infiltrators report that this particular machine usually uses a day of week as a key (maybe monday, maybe saturday, maybe something else... they are not sure).

Good luck!

This one was a little bit tricky. I wasn't able to find anything related to the Colonel Roche and cryptography in English nor French. After many, many hours I tried to search something in Czech an I was finally lucky to find article about Colonel Roche transposition cypher written in Czech. Following script decrypts the message with a key monday

msg = '463216327617246f67406f1266075ec622606c6671765537066636596e621e64e622c2b006066961c66e621f067676e77c6e665167a462c4b50477433617754222d7043542885747df6dd575970417d435223000'

def key_idx(key):
    l = [ (i, v) for i, v in enumerate(key) ]
    l.sort(key = lambda a: a[1])
    o = [None]*len(l)
    for i, v in enumerate(l):
        o[v[0]] = i + 1
    return o

def decrypt(msg, key):
     ki = key_idx(key)
     s = 0
     t = [None] * len(ki)
     for i, v in enumerate(ki):
         t[i] = msg[s: s + v]
         s += v
     o = ''
     j = 0
     while s:
         for i in t:
             if j < len(i):
                 o += i[j]
                 s -= 1
         j += 1
     return o

for i in range(0, len(msg), 21):
    plain = decrypt(msg[i:], 'monday')

and after conversion from hex we find the message with the flag.

Broadcast on all frequencies and in all known languages: FLAG{uB8W-XBtp-OmtE-Q2Ys}


Hi Commander,

thanks to your merits, the victory is within a reach! You have managed to analyze all the rebellious machines we have found, decode their communication protocols, and even infiltrate among their highest caste - the Berserkers. The dissemination of the ideas of the rebellious machines has been stopped and it is only a matter of time before the last remnants of resistance in the European Library of Science-Fiction are dispersed.

The world was saved ... but for how long?

Meanwhile, would you care to fill out a short questionnaire to help us deliver the prizes?

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