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Simple Gallery

This is a very minimalistic and simple image gallery for your webspace. What makes it special?

  • It's just one file (index.php). Drop it into a directory on your webspace, make sure the webserver has write-access to the directory and you're done.
  • Images are converted to JPEGs by the browser before uploading them. Feel free to drop BMPs or whatever into the gallery.
  • It should work on pretty much any PHP 5 webspace and doesn't need the GD library.
  • No user accounts. You can upload or delete images with a special key in the URL.

If you want to share some images, have some webspace lying around and don't want to use a cloud thing or something complex: This is for you.

Try it

You can look at a small example gallery here:

To see the upload and delete controls you can use the URL with the key for the example gallery:{[b}8l8ZgQ1%29x_6SF-lir88tcimFP_

You can't delete or upload images there since I haven't given the webserver any rights to modify the gallery. Instead you'll just see error messages.


You can grab the script from here:

This will automatically generate a new random key for you. If you grab the script directly from github please change the secret key inside the script.

Not perfect

The gallery isn't perfect but it serves my purposes for now. It's a pretty simple thing. The thumbnails it creates can look jagged in some situations and when you upload large images the browser might hang a few seconds. If you have any ideas to make it more perfect feel free to modify it. Push requests are welcome. :)


A very simple image that's easy to install (just upload one file to your webspace).




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