Make Gmail labels from Github issue labels and state
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Make Gmail labels from Github issue labels and state.

When I'm reading about an issue in gmail, it's hard to tell if that issue is assigned to me or I just got mentioned in it. I'd also like to know if an issue is Critical or Major and considered a Bug. Those are all specific labels we have come up with at our company.

This script fetches all the issues that have been modified since yesterday, and also all the email about github issues and adds/removes labels on the gmail thread to match the labels and state of the issue.


Make a new Sheet in google docs (you can reuse the one you used for gmail-snooze if you want). Make sure there is a sheet called gmail-github-labels (That's at the bottom, it might default to something like Sheet1). Set it up like this (you can probably cut and paste this table right into a sheet):

variable value(s)
access_token blah-blah-blah
me your_github_id
labels Critical! Major Bug
timezone_offset -8
repositories arkarkark/gmail-github-labels
  • access_token is made here with repo scope.
  • me is your github handle (mine is arkarkark). This adds a Mine label to your issues.
  • labels is the github labels you are interested in. Gmail labels will be made for each of these.
  • timezone_offset allows us to work out when yesterday was.
  • repositories list all the respositories you're interested in tracking (it's optional.

Here's what it should look like:


Now click Tools and Script editor... from the menu and paste in and save it.

From the Run menu select setupGmailGithubLabels

You can View -> Logs if you want to see what labels were created.

From the Run menu select runGmailGithubLabels

The first time you run the script it might take a while. View -> Logs will give you some insight into what's happening.

From the Resources menu select Current project's triggers and click Add a new trigger to call runGmailGithubLabels, Time-driven on a Minutes timer to run Every 5 minutes.

You're done! When a new issue is created or a label added to it, it should show up in gmail within 5 minutes.