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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are there coloured smiley faces on my items?

see Transmog Status Icons

They are defaulted to on but you can turn them off in the config under Design > Items > Status Icons > Transmog

Profiles don't work properly

See Profiles

Where is the deposit all reagents button?

right click on the cleanup icon and select deposit all reagents

(or) open the bank location, open the bag changer, right click on the last bag (thats the reagent tab), click on deposit all reagents.

if you want that to happen every time you do a cleanup (restack) enable the deposit all reagents option under the cleanup area in that same menu.

My rules arent working

see Rule Functions and Example Rules

Sorting isn't working any more

see How To > Sorting

Bar labels have disappeared, what happened

you just have to turn them back on in the options.

the default was changed to not show them because i added a user option to set the amount of space they use, and it would have added all that space even if you had no labels because the default was to show them.

Why are all the items greyed out (actually whatever colour you've selected for your background)

There's a bug in the Blizzard CreateFrame API that's causing the FrameLevel for some of the elements to wrap around once they reach a certain level and they end up below the backgrounds level.

To fix it open the AI Configuration, on the System page (near the bottom) are a list of workarounds. Find the FrameLevel workaround and enable it.

If you don't want to enable the fix (which is graphically intensive as it has to reset the FrameLevel of all the AI elements every time they hit a certain level) you can reload the UI to see if that fixes it (it'll only be temporary though, it'll happen again)

Why aren't tooltips showing up when I mouse over an item?

Either you've turned the tooltips off or it's the FrameLevel bug (see above for solution)

Nothing happens when you click on an item.

Most likely caused by the FrameLevel bug, see above for solution.

The AI windows are behind all my other UI windows (including unit frames).

Try moving the window, if that doesn't help then it's most likely caused by the FrameLevel bug, see above for solution.

How are items allocated their category?

see User Guide > Explanations > Category Assignments

The first menu choice has gone off the screen so i can't click on the menu choice I want?

it's an issue with the menu library i use, if your mouse has a scroll-wheel you can scroll that to get the menu to scroll up until it's fully on screen.

all sub menus are screen clamped so they shouldn't be affected by this issue, unless they are larger than your screen is, in which case the scroll-wheel works there as well.

I used to be able to assign items to rules from the menu, now i can't, why not?

because i added custom categories back in. custom categories are like very simple rules that only take item id's, and as such are much faster to process than a rule is.

you can still add items to rules you just have to do it manually if you want to continue doing it that way.

Item xyz isn't in the right category, please fix it.

an items default category is just a guide and depends upon blizzard using the "correct" category for the item (there actually are items that have the "wrong" category assigned by blizzard) or PeriodicTable having that item in it's tables.

if either of those aren't right/done then there's not really a lot i can do about it.

you on the other hand can just categorise it yourself, that being the whole point of categories, and yes that includes system categories, you don't have to create new ones if you dont want to.

How do I erase old data I dont want anymore?

see How To > Erase Data

Please don't post comments on this page, if you have a problem please lodge an Issue.

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