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How to setup sorting

Sorting in ArkInventory is done via sort methods. You can have as many or as few sort methods as you need to sort your items the way you want.

Note: Sorting is a little bit odd in that it is based around the visual appearance of items in the bar, so Ascending and Descending end up visually correct but are logically inverted based off the item anchor point (so it can be slightly confusing). Just play around with the sort order until you get it the way you want and dont get hung up on their names.

To create a Sort Method;

  • Open the config window

  • Click on Settings > Sort Methods

Here you see the system default sort method of Bag/Slot, it's options are all disabled so don't worry, you cant change anything for this method. Default sort methods all start with (*)

  • In the Add sort method entry field, enter a name for your sort method, we'll use Standard, and either press Enter or click on Okay, and you'll end up with a new sort method.

  • Click on your new sort method

Change the Style from Bag / Slot to User Defined

As you can see, all the options are in red, this means they aren't being used. We need to enable them first and then we can put them in the order we want.

  • Tick the box for the options you want enabled, in my case that's rarity, category, equip location and name

  • Once they're enabled we can move them up and down via the buttons

Now we have our sort method created we need to tell the bag to use it as its default sorting, otherwise it's just going to stay the way it is.

  • Click on Settings > Designs

  • You should be on the Default [1000] Design

  • Expand the Style option, if it's not already expanded

  • Click on Sorting

  • Click on the Sort Method dropdown and select the sort method you just created

  • There is also the option for when you want items resorted.

    • Select On Window Open to sort your items when the window is opened, new items added while the window is open will not get sorted, you can either click on the Refresh icon to sort them or close and re-open the window.
    • Select Instant to sort your items instantly, as soon as you use an item or pick up an item the window will sort (note that this can be intensive and should only be used if you really need it)
    • Select Manually to sort your items manually. You need to click on the refresh button for the items to be re-sorted

That will have allowed you to setup the default sorting method used for the window.

You can also over-ride the default method on a particular bar if you require.

  • Enable Edit Mode

  • Click on the bar number to bring up the menu for that bar

  • Click on the current sort method and chose a new method from the next menu

  • You can return to the default sort method at any time by coming back in here and clicking on the Default method

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