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Create svg graphs showing the connections between YouTube users and videos
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Rough scripts for making graphs from youtube annotation relationships.

Created to help play John Robertson's The Dark Room ( and then expanded to illustrate the connections between youtube musicians. - creates a graph of youtube usernames with edges representing links to other youtube user pages that appear in their videos. - creates a graph of youtube videos with edges representing links to other videos. - handles the fetching and parsing of youtube data (currently just regular expressions and urlopens) as well as providing a caching layer - handles the graph and svg generation by calling pygraphviz (which itself calls graphviz)

python [output_file] [username1] [username2] ... [usernamen]

python [output_file] [video_id1] [video_id2] ... [video_idn]

The YouTube GData API doesn't provide access to annotations which is why the re/urlopen approach was chosen
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