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React.js + Immutable.js + Alt + React-Bootstrap = A simple to-do list!

Every React enthustiast heard about the Flux architecture. While it is relatively simple, there are no many simple examples we can learn from. This repository is intended for showing many ideas around React in one, simple project.

What we want to show:

  • Immutable data structures - using the great immutable-js library.
  • Stores & Actions - main building blocks of Flux architecture - using Alt.
  • React-Bootstrap - to show how simple you can use popular Bootstrap CSS framework with React, thanks to the great React-Bootstrap component's package.
  • Flow of a typical Flux application.


The domain of this application is a simple todo list. Such application can:

  • Add a new task
  • Remove a task
  • Show a list of tasks

See for possible extensions to this simple idea that comes to my mind for now.


You need to have Node.js installed. During development I've been using Node.js in 0.12.5 version and NPM in 2.11.2 version.

git clone
cd react_flux_alt_immutable_todolist
npm install
npm install -g grunt-cli # You may need the root access for this. So, login as root or use sudo if that is the case.
grunt serve

Your browser should start automatically then.

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The project is licensed under the free MIT license. You can read more about it in the LICENSE file.



This repository is funded and maintained by Arkency. Check out our other open-source projects.

You can also hire us or read our blog.


A simple example of React + Flux + Alt + Immutable.js in action.




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