Step by step scaffold to React, using server-side rendering and react-rails
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Rails scaffold views to server-side rendered React components

This repository was intended to show a simple process of replacing your static views into dynamic-ready React components. It makes a great preparatory refactoring to provide dynamic user interface features to your view.

Interested in learning React.js? We got a book about it.

Update: NewProduct component again, with newest Rails and react-rails:

Be sure to check the newest-20160324 branch!

Rails meets React.js

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  • 150~ pages of hands-on examples, basic theorethical background, tips for testing and best practices;
  • 50~ pages of bonus content - examples of React in action, more advanced topics and interesting worldviews about creating rich frontends;
  • a FREE repository of code examples bundled with the book, so you can take examples from the book and fiddle with them;

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