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🎭 Various code pieces that didn't quite congeal.
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This repo contains a number of disparate code sketches with history in branches linked below to cut down on the number of abandoned repos in GitHub.

  • 1% Node.js twitter stream, predates
  • Gems Simple tile-matching game written in Swift using SpriteKit.
  • Tiles ◻️Tile matching incremental game.
  • Python/App Engine image aggregator previously at
  • 🏚 Static file source for
  • baad Webkit with transparency
  • bacon Wiki Game style movie traversal use Rovi data apis.
  • bookmarklets 🔖 A collection of bookmarklets.
  • common Common *nix configs, helper scripts.
  • fastauth Node middleware for adding a recoverable session token.
  • filum Command line tool to enable continuous interactive filtering of piped input.
  • gintendo 🎮 A go library to access data from, with price alert example.
  • glomp Node playground (destination: microframework?)
  • hackyslack Google App Engine powered Slack commands.
  • heresy Experimental tool to launch a shell environment on Heroku
  • indigo 🍇 indigo is an HTTP(S) instant directory server in go
  • jiki Example ni (see below) project for a simple wiki-like site.
  • ni Web framework development, yeah! Reinventing the wheel, yeah! (Supports appengine,
  • Sampling of the Twitter firehose, from when was a thing.
  • pipes ⚙️ Factorio style Swift prototype.
  • pokelist A tracking list of Pokémon optimized for the 3DS browser.
  • read RSS content aggregator, with selection from script extractor.
  • selector Greasemonkey style add-on to download the media content of a target site.
  • shill Interactive shell sites, or how I learned to stop coding and love the cloud.
  • shing Minor tile engine for Android-based RPGs
  • simplex Simple node-based (read wiki) site for Google App Engine
  • space Spinning ships with a node.js (echo) server behind.
  • tinynote A small AppEngine hosted note service
  • tubular Lumines-style game with chain-based clearing overlaid over Youtube.
  • html-jive
    • circle Ship with variable aim and firing patterns.
    • dungeon Game server with dungeon shooter with destructible walls.
    • maze Maze generator with simple chasing enemies.
    • platform Simple platformer with spriting and double jumping.
    • three Version of dungeon in 3D using three.js.
    • untitled Webkit request animation frame test.
    • world Terrain generation with climbing and falling.
  • nego
    • android Android port of nego/c.
    • c Falling blocks game similar to Lumines, with different clearing mechanisms.

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